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Parents Forgot 3-Year-Old At Chuck E. Cheese, Didn't Notice Until They Saw The News

Thu, March 8, 2012 12:28pm EDT by 9 Comments
Girl Chuck E Cheese

A 3-year-old Maryland girl’s parents left her at Chuck E. Cheese, but they didn’t know until they saw her picture on the evening news!

With tons of birthday parties and kids’ running around, Chuck E. Cheese can be crazy. But how do two parents drive off for home, unaware that they left their 3-year-old daughter alone at the kiddie hotspot? After attending a large family party, Harmony‘s parents, who share joint custody, both left assuming the girl had gone home with other relatives, according to ABC News. When they saw her later on the evening news, they were shocked!

The restaurant’s manager alerted sheriff’s deputies around 8 p.m. after the little girl told a staff member she was thirsty. Unable to find her parents, the deputies asked local news media to put her picture on the evening news.

Shortly after her picture appeared on the 11 p.m. newscast, many phone calls came in for the girl — including her parents! After police determined the abandonment was inadvertent, they let her go home with her mother. No charges are expected to be filed.

Can you believe this story, HollyMoms!? Have YOU ever left your child somewhere on accident?

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