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'Pregnant Man' Who Gave Birth To 3 Babies Reveals Life At Home

Wed, March 7, 2012 2:56pm EDT by 28 Comments
Thomas Beatie Pregnant Man

The first ‘pregnant man’ shows what life is like raising three little ones.

Thomas Beatie made history as the first man to give birth — he was born a woman and kept his reproductive organs — and now he and his wife Nancy, 49, are proud parents to three kids: Susan, 3, Jensen, 2, and Austin, 1. The 38-year-old father reveals to The Daily Mail how he and his wife explain their children’s extraordinary births. They read them Mister Seahorse, which explains how male seahorses become pregnant!

“It’s [Susans’s] favorite bedtime story,” Thomas explains. “I tell her that’s what I did: I carried her in my tummy like Mr. Seahorse, and she gets it. She doesn’t think there is anything weird about it. There is a photograph of me pregnant, and she points to it all the time, saying: ‘Daddy, Daddy, I’m inside and I got bigger and bigger, and then I had to come out.”

On the surface everything seems “normal” — the kids call Thomas “Dad” and Nancy “Mom” and they live in a suburban Phoenix, Arizona home.

“Susan is a mini-me,” Thomas says. “A lot of people think Austin is a girl, because of his long hair, I guess, but that doesn’t bother us.”

The couple juggle work and family life, and say their sex life isn’t a problem. “There are physical issues there obviously, but they aren’t the things that get in the way,” Thomas laughs. “The biggest problem is that we have three small children. Our challenge is actually getting the bed to ourselves!”

Although they want to be a normal family, being in the public spotlight is hard. “We have had a rough ride,” Thomas says. “We have had death threats, crazies. I’ve been called a freak. The really nasty stuff has come online, with email, Facebook and YouTube.”

“Some of it has just been weird — such as people going to Halloween parties dressed as me, “The Pregnant Man,” Thomas continues. “Some of it has been terrifying. One man has made videos pretending he has kidnapped Susan. He has a Susan doll and he hits her over and over. It’s sick. The FBI have been involved and they monitor things for us. The world is full of crazy people and we have to have our wits about us.”

Although the couple made some money from media offers for his story, he has to go back to work. “We did make a bit of money, but we lost a lot more,” he explains. “The business went under — partly because we had to close the doors to stop all the crazies coming in.”

But despite everything, Thomas says he doesn’t regret having the kids. ‘They will know what we went through to get them, and how difficult it was, but they will also know that it was worth it.’

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