'The Bachelor: Women Tell All:' Courtney Robertson Called A 'Black Widow' & 'Liar' By Other Contestants

Tue, March 6, 2012 4:39am EST by 18 Comments
Courtney Robertson Crying

Courtney tried to apologize to all the women she hurt on ‘The Bachelor.’ But, the women refused to accept her apology and called Courtney out for being a ‘stripper’ and heartless.

The Bachelor‘s “Women Tell All” special was so chalk full of entertaining, dramatic and outlandish events, it would be impossible for me to pick one and run with it. That said, here is my stream of consciousness as I watched the epic two hour event…

First things fist, The Bachelor reunion in Las Vegas looks epic. I’d pay to see the uncut footage from that night. One thing’s for sure, Ali Fedowtowsky and Frank definitely took their “connection” to a private room later that evening. Roberto Martinez, I hope you’re not watching this.

Now it’s time for the Blakeley Shea special. Overall, I’m disinterested in Blakeley, but can’t help but chuckle when she wisely proclaims to the girls, “I’m a lot older than you and I’m more mature than you.” Keep telling yourself that…

Chris Harrison just referred to the show as a “competition.” After all these years, has Mr. Host decided to call a spade a spade? See, Courtney Robertson knows what’s up. When will Kacie B. finally accept this is a GAME?

I don’t even remember Samantha, but she sure has a lot to say during the “tell all.” Her voice is one of the most annoying sounds I’ve ever heard and Brittany just validated my thoughts when she called Samantha the “house chihuahua.” These two girls had little relevance on the actual show, but they’re sure getting a lot of air time now.

It’s so ridiculous they are rehashing Shawntel Newton‘s crazy one night crash, or as Chris Harrison puts it, “the moment America’s been buzzing about.” I don’t know about you, but I had forgotten that’d even happened. Way to build it up before the commercial, Chris.

These girls sure bonded over their hatred for Courtney. It’s bizarre seeing Nicki and Kacie B. holding hands like they’re at a group therapy session. Also, I’m obsessed with Emily. Not only is she cute, she’s basically the only chick up there who can form a rational train of thought. She also cuts to the chase and doesn’t B.S. For example, when asked how she feels about Ben Flajnik probably picking Courtney, she admits, “He’s made his bed and he can lie in it.” Brilliant!

Up next it’s time for Kacie B. — the Sandra Bullock of The Bachelor — to shine. It was obvious the producers knocked themselves out trying to make her the front runner on the show, but sadly, Ben didn’t bite. Little Miss Ray of Sunshine only won over the hearts of America. Unfortunately, the last couple of times we’ve seen Kacie B., she’s had a hard time keeping the crazy in the box. Thankfully, she kept her tears and “what the f***!” moments at bay and seemed nice, cute and normal again. I hope she gets to be the Bachelorette one day…I’d trade her in a heartbeat with Emily Maynard.

(Side note: Why haven’t we heard from whacked out blogger Jenna? All we get is a little twitch in her crazy eyes when the cameras cut to her after someone mentions Courtney. I NEED MORE.)

Also, I’d always wondered what happened with Blakeley and Monica’s blossoming romance after the first night when they were practically making out in a corner. Fortunately, Monica just answered that question by yelling “Blakeley’s awesome!” like she had Tourettes after someone made a dig at her girl. (I rewinded that moment three times. By far the best of the show at this point.)

Ugh. Kacy (otherwise known as Paris Hilton) is defending Courtney. Just…stop. Please. Sit there and look pretty.

Oh, and what do you know? Courtney shows up in the flesh and the girls look like they want to stab her eyes out and then jump off cliffs. I don’t blame them. Kacie refers to Courtney as a “black widow.” Monica thinks that Courtney is “a liar, manipulative, hurtful and mean.” Blakeley calls a “stripper.” And, Emily questions if Courtney even has a heart.

“I have many regrets,” the slithery snake of a wench Courtney begins. “I’m disappointed in myself and how I acted and how I treated the women. Looking back, there are so many things I would have done differently.”

Yeah, sure. One reason I believe Courtney is full of crap is because she never actually cries. However, tonight she managed to eek out one tear drop down her right cheek. Well-played, Court — someone took an acting intensive before the “Tell All.”

Tear drop and all, I can’t get on the “forgive Courtney” band wagon and neither can the other girls. Even Chris admits Courtney isn’t going to be able to help her cause anymore and excuses her in order to bring out the man of the hour, Mr. Ben Flajnik himself. What a treat.

“Welcome to my nightmare,” he says, looking at all his scorned women — and I laugh. It’s probably the least lame thing he’s said in months on this show.

Personality aside, I can’t take my eyes off the mop on Ben’s head. All the women look amazing tonight, thanks to hair and makeup, so why couldn’t they fix Ben’s hair? Is there a rule that it must always be a frizzy disaster? Someone needs to help this poor man.

Overall, Ben doesn’t say anything ground-breaking. I would have enjoyed it more if he got down on his knees and started crying about his horrible decisions, but he kept it pretty locked up. Zzzzzz….

Watching the bloopers reel makes me so happy. Ben is dancing around like a nut most the time, which is something we’re never privy to seeing. Note to producers: Ben would be way more interesting to all of us if you unleashed his personality more. Who knew he is such an entertaining dancer?

Omg, THANK GOODNESS! Footage of psycho blogger Jenna makes the credits. I need a two hour special just on her and her breakdowns. And her showdown with Monica. Sooo good.

Well, friends. That’s a wrap! “The Women Tell All” special certainly didn’t disappoint, but Courtney’s desperate PR move to get sympathy didn’t work on me in the slightest. What did you think of the women telling all? Did you forgive Courtney for “winning”? Sound off below!




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Posted at 7:58 PM on March 17, 2012  

Well, I am glad to see a few out there who are NOT dumping on Courtney….such catty women making themselves look just as bad and thinking that telling all to Ben would fix the problem! In grade school they call that tattle tailing? Most people you butt heads with turn out to be the best of friends and you at least know up front who they are, what they are thinking and what your dealing with. I pray Ben & Courtney have the guts to withstand all those out there making such mean remarks, and that they turn out to be the best of couples!

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Bachelor viewer

Posted at 10:15 PM on March 12, 2012  


The phrase is “chock full of,” not “chalk.”

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Posted at 1:43 PM on March 6, 2012  

Listen anyone with a normal brain would NEVER appear on this train wreck of a show!!!!! All these girls are super catty!!! EVERY ONE OF THEM@ YEah courtney went overboard. The only thing i think she did wrong was not accept that blond chicks apology. THATS IT! The prize lol was Ben. She wasnt there to make friends with women. Who were CLEARLY jealous of her cuz shes a model and pretty! PLUS they saw the way Ben looked at her. Its all in the eyes!!!!!!!!!

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Posted at 12:07 PM on March 6, 2012  

Like Ben…Courtney made her bed as well. Sorry!

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Posted at 11:54 AM on March 6, 2012  

Okay, The way i feel about this matter is that when someone is on this show, especially a bunch of women there is always going to be jelousy, drama, back stabbing,ect.There usally will be some that will have a group that gang up on the other group or the loner. The show is not about who can become best friends. It is a show about who can fall in love & win the love of the bachelor. If you think back there is always someone that just about everyone doesnt like and they nit pick about everything they say or do. Vieanna was one of those girls, now Courtney is. I think alot of it is just plain jelousy. Courtney did say alot of things that were wrong and tried to get under some of the girls skin. Who is to say that the way she acted was any worse than the way the groups acted. The only difference was Courtney was alone and the others were not.Look how everyone acted when Shawntel came on the show,WQW that was so wrong. I think everyone needs to get over it and quit acting like children instead of adults.Life still goes on and everyone will find their prince charming one day & will not even give a thought about Ben. I say good luck everyone, and I hope you all have true love & happiness to come. Good luck Ben & Courtney, Just relax & dont Sweat the Small Stuff!!!!!

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Posted at 3:47 PM on March 6, 2012  

FINALLY!!! Somebody who is intelligent to see the forrest for the trees and not drinking the Kool-Aid the producers wanted us to swallow. The women on this year’s bachelor were ESPECIALLY venemous!!!! MONICA IS THE LIAR!!!! She was the one who set this whole thing up and Courtney fell into her trap. Yes, it’s true that she could have hid in a corner but then she would have been chastised for not being sociable. The women were jealous of her from day one – especially cuz they saw how Ben looked at her. She was the ONLY one he said “That is a PRETTY GIRL! when he met her. He did NOT react like that with anyone else when he met them. They clicked from day 1 and Monica saw that and decided to poisen the waters. The rest of the lemmings just followed suit and Courtney did herself wrong by falling into the producers trap by making comments about all the girls. I doubt that Courtney went up to the producers and said “I want to say something nasty about someone”. She was right about not having a manual about going on the Bachelor. After what they did to Ashley with Bently and now how they portray Courtney and Ben, THAT is what is fake about this show. They don’t care about love, only ratings….

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Posted at 9:42 AM on March 7, 2012  


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Posted at 10:14 AM on March 6, 2012  

she’s sorry she got caught, not sorry that she was/is a b!tch. there is a difference. i’m sure if it played out again, the only thing she’d do differently is avoid the cameras when she decides to behave like this.

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Benjamin Raucher

Posted at 6:23 AM on March 6, 2012  

Intereating story

Benjamin Marcus Raucher

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