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'Love Broker' Recap: Stay Positive & Don't Dress Too Sexy On A First Date

Tue, March 6, 2012 3:12pm EDT by Chloe Melas 1 Comment
Love Broker has Jennifer Zucher, the founder of Project Soulmate and one of the stars of Bravo’s ‘Love Broker’ breaking down the season premiere — plus, find out what you should never do on a first date!

Alright lovely ladies, let’s discuss the season premiere of Love Broker! I know all you panty-wearing gals out there might not be happy campers after my business partner Lori Zaslow mentioned how much she hates the crudely coined “granny panty,” but let’s think of it as constructive criticism. Lingerie is a sexy secret to keep from your date. These lacy pieces amp up our femininity and sexuality, so why go out and about in a pair of undergarments that resemble something you wore when you were in elementary school?

Invest in thongs! You’ll find that when you feel sexy on the inside, it’ll show on the outside.

Now let’s move onto David or “Fish” as he refers to himself. After interviewing him, we went on to find him some ladies and came across Rachel, who was negative from the first mention of David’s hat affliction. Remember ladies and gentlemen: Part of falling in love is being blind to whatever insecurities you might have. Approaching a blind date and new relationship with a positive point of view is key to making the best of a situation. Nothing against Rachel, I think she’s a darling girl. But if you’re like her and immediately jump to the negative, try to stay on a positive train of thought.

Ivy, a ballsy girl from New Jersey who was our second choice, was a better match for David. But she wasn’t free of fault. So many questions! Ivy, baby — and all the ladies out there in Dateland — you should steer clear of asking too many questions that might make your future soul mate feel cornered or interrogated.

DON’T ask your date why he’s single, that’s our question to ask. Remember, we’re the experts and that’s why people come to us for help. If you ask him why he’s single or what he’s looking for, you’re not helping but only making him feel more pressured to choose a mate. Questions that are too deep or personal aren’t the ones you ask on a first date.

Take the time you’re given to meet the person you’re out with and get to know them — not their faults. Let the guy leave feeling like you are a cool girl, and hey, you never know, they can be the one setting you up with your future Prince Charming.

Although Ivy won’t be doodling David’s name inside a heart on all her notebooks, she did go in with a positive view on what her first date would be.

I just know you’re dying to see what happens next! Stay tuned throughout the season and find out where love can take two people! Feel free to check us out at! Tune in next Monday at 10pm ET for an all-new episode!

— Jennifer Zucher

Check out this EXCLUSIVE clip from next week’s episode of ‘Love Broker’: