'Jane By Design' Spring Finale Recap: Billy Tells Jane He Loves Her

Tue, March 6, 2012 10:35pm EST by 51 Comments

At least, he tries to! What did you think of the episode’s epic final moment?

The spring finale of Jane By Design was a night of ups and downs for our boy Billy (Nick Roux). It began with him getting bailed out of jail and sentenced to several months at a youth detention facility, but ended with the jaw-dropping confession we’ve waited 10 long weeks to hear. So are he and Jane (Erica Dasher) going to live happily ever after? Yeah, right. Like it would ever be that easy.

Billy’s confession — curiously inspired by his hot-yet-troubled brother Tommy — was interrupted by Jane’s hot-yet-misguided co-worker Jeremy (Rowly Dennis), who was just about tell Jane the same thing before he himself was interrupted by a text message from Gray’s (Andie MacDowell) hot-yet-evil ex-husband Beau. Oh, did I mention that Jeremy has been leaking Donovan Decker’s designs to Beau this whole time? Because he has. And he sucks.

Unfortunately it was India (India de Beaufort) who took the fall for Jeremy, as Jane accused her of stealing the company’s look book, just like she stole Jane’s wedding sketches. It made sense at the time — hence Gray firing her on the spot — but the minute we found out India was innocent, I wanted to reach through the TV and give her a hug. I know, I know. She bites. But that’s how badly I felt!

And what of Prince Dreamy himself, Nick Fadden (Matthew Atkinson)? He tried his best to explain his kiss with Lulu (Meagan Tandy), but no matter how he spun it, the fact remained: He still kissed Lulu. And Jane, despite her own questionable judgment at times, couldn’t forgive him.

Additional gold stars go to Jane’s big brother Ben (David Clayton Rogers), who did three awesome things this week: He taught sex ed using Barbie dolls, he stood up for Billy in court, and most importantly, he allowed Jane to continue working at Donovan Decker. It turns out he’s still baby bunny-level adorable, even when he’s not romancing Rita.

What did you think of the game-changing spring finale of Jane By Design? Were you sad when India got fired? Were you bummed when Nick got turned down? And, most importantly, how do you think Jane will respond to Billy’s confession — and Jeremy’s interruption? See you in the comments section!

— Andy Swift

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katie fickner

Posted at 8:32 PM on May 31, 2012  

Billy will change overhis juvnile stay he wll most likely say he did these things in the mment. i hope not but this is hw it usually goes. for nic i say not cute compared to billy so kick him to the curb. Jane should give billya cace the should see how it goes but stay friends if it doesn’t work out.

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Posted at 10:43 AM on May 15, 2012  

Im so glad India got fired because she has been rude to Jane the whole time, and trying to take Gray’s job….but Jane and nick may get to gether, she should be with Billy he is super cute and is prefect for him, but it would be to easy. cant wait until June 2012 for Season 2

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Posted at 12:20 PM on May 11, 2012  

I was sad India got fired because you can honestly tell in her eyes it wasn’t her. I wasn’t bummed nick got turned down bottom line is he should’ve talked to Jane before he did something he would regret. Idk how she will respond bout Billy’s question an jeremys interruption, but she should pick billy somewhere deep inside she knew it was him cause shed pick him over anything and Jeremy he needs to stick to girls his own age plus he was the mole all along. When Jane finds out bout that she’s gunna know she loves billy a lot. <3 ^.^

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Posted at 10:54 PM on May 8, 2012  

i really love billy i used to love nick but i started to think he was a jerk but i dont know and india idk she got on my neeves alittle but im sad she left and jeremy is way to old for jane and billy is soo perfect i love him with all my geart he an jane need to go out jeremy needs to back off:(

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Posted at 2:56 PM on April 4, 2012  

I think that Jeremy really is falling for Jane. I don’t think he’d turn down Bo (or however his name is spelled) if he wasn’t serious about Jane. And, he would’ve probably given Bo like a heads up if he felt like he and Jane had a possibility like letting Bo know that “Hey, now we’ve got Jane and Gray trusts her blablabla”. And yeah, I felt bad for India. The moment she said that Jane got it all wrong, I knew it was Jeremy but was confused not until I saw him turn down Bo.

And for Billy – gosh I hope Jane picks him and doesn’t think it over :(

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Just a fan

Posted at 1:52 AM on March 22, 2012  

I would have to agree that Jeremy only seems to want is sex from most women, but of you haven’t notices he seems to be falling for Jane. Not at all like the others and has always showen more of a intrest in her since she started. Did we not see how he looked at her after he found out it was Jane’s wedding dress and how she looked in it! I also think he would keep it a secret just because he has been saleing out Gray this whole time. Now not that I wouldn’t like Billy’s confession to for once be a happy ever after, but it won’t happen. Nick may be cute and the head jock but I don’t see Jane really being with a jock.

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Posted at 11:36 PM on March 17, 2012  

I think Billy but if watch when Nick kisses Lulu it was more Lulu going than Nick. I kinda wish that Jane would forgive Nick or just go out with Billy. Jeremy is way to old and only wants sex from women it seems like anyway. So it should be Jane and Billy or Jane and Nick. Lulu was just a bump in the road.

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Posted at 2:23 PM on March 16, 2012  

That is some pretty nice analysis Allie Madison! I keep going back and forth with who I want Jane to be with. I love Billy, I mean who doesn’t? But I also am really starting to like Jeremy too. Of course, I’ve always been a fan of Nick too (I blame the dimples)! Thank goodness I’m not in Jane’s position because I wouldn’t be able to decide for myself! However, if Jeremy does find out she’s in high school still, think he would blow her cover to Gray?

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Allie Madison

Posted at 12:21 PM on March 14, 2012  

Wow. Talk about leaving us in suspense! I honestly have no idea what will happen next. Jeremy is adorable but would he still have feelings for her if he knew that she was in high school? Age doesn’t matter, but Jeremy has shown signs of just wanting “one thing” from women, and Jane is so young and has shown no interest in sex. I don’t think she will choose Jeremy. He’s hot, but it would devastate Billy. Billy’s confession will either trigger her to realize that she has been in love with him this whole time, or she will take a step back to think, creating tension between her and billy and her and Jeremy. Also, I think that Jeremy might realize that she is in high school, since he saw billy at her school etc. I can’t wait to see what happens!

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Posted at 5:36 PM on March 12, 2012  

I notice that most of you are rooting for Billy! I suppose the best kinds of love begin with a strong friendship. Do you think Ben will have anything to say about it? He’d probably be a lot happier finding that out than he was about discovering Jane’s “internship”!

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Posted at 5:32 AM on March 14, 2012  

omg does anyone know if last weeks episode was the last episode for season 1???or will they give another episode next week???because they didnt give it this week

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Posted at 11:17 PM on March 11, 2012  

Ok, Ben is my favorite! “I’m just waiting for the milk to do its thing.” That is my all time fav quote from him! This show brightens my day.

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