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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Why Justin's So Smart To Be A One-Woman Man

Mon, March 5, 2012 6:59pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 54 Comments

Justin Bieber could have any young women he wanted, or many, especially now that he’s 18, but no — he loves the one he’s with — Selena Gomez. Here’s why he’s made the right love decision!

Justin Bieber is one smart guy to have zero interest in playing the field or playing with groupies. He has repeatedly, publicly praised his girlfriend Selena Gomez, 19, and at, we hear he only had eyes for her at his 18th birthday party.

Being a one-woman man just shows how mature Justin is and how focused he is on real and lasting values. It would be so easy for Justin with all his fame and money at a young age to have that all go to his head.

He could have become a snobby, self-obsessed brat who was happy to take advantage of his status to use girls as mere play things.

But no. Intelligently, Justin has not taken that route. Instead he reimains grateful for the blessings his talent and good fortune have brought him. He is devoted to family, charity work and to his equally mature girlfriend, Selena.

Justin and Selena have been a committed couple for more than a year now, traveling repeatedly for thousands of miles and across continents, just to be together for a few days.  They have tagged along on each other’s tours and spent tons of time with each other’s families. Selena loves to play with Justin’s very young little sister, Jazmyn, and brother, Jaxon.

Justin has supported Selena through her mother’s heart-breaking miscarriage. Selena never doubted Justin when he was targeted by Mariah Yeater as a victim of her baby daddy accussations. The pair agrees they love to do just regular things together — like go to movies, shop and go out to eat at non-fancy spots without an entourage or fanfare.

Clearly, Justin realizes that it is so much more rewarding to have true love and commitment with a young woman who shares his interests, values, life and career goals and who he can really talk to and have fun with, than to fool around in meaningless non-relationships. And he is right!

While it’s unlikely that this young and in love pair will take the next step to an engagement yet, and that’s smart too — to wait — it’s likely Justin’s gift to Selena of a ring recently is a symbol of their commitment to their monogamous relationship.

So far, Justin is doing everything right to set himself up for happiness in longterm love. He said he can see himself being married by the age of 25, and if it ends up being to Selena — who is as smart as he is — then it could very well be a lifetime love!

Congrats to you, birthday boy Justin, on making the mature love decision to be a one-woman man!

— Bonnie Fuller

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