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'GCB' Review: Church Has Never Been This Fun — We Love It

Mon, March 5, 2012 3:51am EDT by 1 Comment
Kristin Chenoweth GCB

‘GCB’ is hysterical, smart and entertaining. Everyone has met women like these!

When ABC’s new show, GCB, first begins, you can’t help but tune in — the story is that juicy. Amanda Vaughn (played by Leslie Bibb) is forced to return to her hometown of Dallas, Texas when her husband dies while receiving oral sex from another woman while driving (yeah, it’s that raunchy). The only problem is Amanda was the meanest (and most popular) girl in high school — and now all the other women want revenge.

However, instead of getting even in the most obvious fashions, these women — led by Carlene Cockburn (the brilliant Kristin Chenoweth) — use God to destroy evil. In other words, during their prayers in church, they out the others for their “wrongs,” thus ruining their enemies’ credibility and earning their rightful places on the social throne. Pretty sick, if you ask us.

That said, whether or not we’ve been a part of a church, pretty much all of us have been in situations like this before: one girl is supremely more beautiful/skinny/charming than the rest, thus the other girls all hate her — and so begins GCB.

From then on out, the newly-widowed Amanda (and her two kids) must forge her way with women who have spent the past 20 years hating her guts. Thankfully, she has a secret admirer (is it her high school crush, who’s now married to one of the mean girls?), money problems and a meddling mother to keep her busy.

Unexpectedly smart, yet supremely funny, GCB is entertaining, without forcing the comedy.

Bottom Line: GCB is refreshing and addictive. You’ll appreciate it, even if you’re not part of Texan culture.