Vivienne Jolie-Pitt Wears Red Lipstick Just Like Mom Angelina Jolie

Mon, March 5, 2012 12:08pm EST by 14 Comments
Angelina Jolie Lipstick

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Posted at 1:52 PM on April 16, 2012  

I think Vivienne is so cute with her little gold foil leggings. She is a little fashionista! I actually bought some gold leggings for my daughter from They have tons of different colors. The Jolie-Pitt’s children are adorable!

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Posted at 11:29 PM on March 19, 2012  

maybe she was just sharing the red licorice that her sibling had in her hand. Maybe we should not judge others.

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Posted at 7:47 AM on March 18, 2012  

J&B kids are so cute :) and no matter what people say bad about her being skinny, I like thins couple and family, they have values!!! This is good example of popular people that care about global problems, not only themselves.

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Posted at 6:18 AM on March 15, 2012  

How come Suri (and TomKat) got criticized when she wore red lipstick? And Vivienne is called a fashionista in the making? Weird.

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Posted at 3:12 AM on March 6, 2012  

perhaps her red lips are due too the red lollies that shiloh is carrying.

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Posted at 11:54 PM on March 5, 2012  


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Posted at 10:37 PM on March 5, 2012  

Little Vivienne (Angelina Jolie) has good fashion sense. Her shade of lipstick complements her red shoes.

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china wilder

Posted at 4:22 PM on March 5, 2012  

What an awesome family the Jolie-Pitts are! I really respect and admire the parenting that they display, it’s so nice to see families that are involved and having a fun time with each other. I love it! I imagine the children, when the time comes will be just as sweet and encouraging as parents, as their mom and dad are with them. Good parenting Brad and Angelina.

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Posted at 2:31 PM on March 5, 2012  

They are both beautiful child and I admire that BRAD and Angelina let them be themselves. Shiloh the tomboy and Vivi the girly-girl, I think Zahara is a mix of both. Vivi looks so much angelina here, maybe it’s the full lips but she also has her eyes. Shiloh is all brad, Vivi is a mix and so is Knox but he looks more Jolie than Pitt.

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Posted at 2:24 PM on March 5, 2012  

i can’t get enough of shiloh! she is so darn cute with her tomboy stuff! she’s getting so tall now…

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Jane Doe

Posted at 1:39 PM on March 8, 2012  

I wonder how Shiloh feels, knowing that every day her little sister gets to wear the most beautiful clothing while she looks like she has to wear the bottom of the pile at the lost and found from the boys’ section of the homeless shelter! Even Zahara, who I agree is often inappropriately over sexually dressed for her age, gets to at least wear pretty clothes! The Brand is try to get people to think that not only does Shiloh want to dress like a boy, she wants to dress as a color-blind homeless boy whose clothes are always wrinkled and never match. Oh, and Mom, please make sure my hair sticks out like I plugged my finger in socket, and chop it off whenever it starts to look cute of feminine. I want to look as ugly as I can all the time while my other sisters are dressed to the nines. It makes me feel so good about myself. Well, you can see from all Shiloh’s photos that this is not the case. She constantly looks unhappy and somehow ashamed.

Shiloh is at the age where she recognizes now how differently she is treated from the others, the most obvious being they way they dress her. They could easily dress her in a unisex way that is fashionable, but they dress her in a way that is totally different from everyone and everything else in her environment. IMO, the way she is dressed is just one subtle way Jolie shows her her is the low man on the totem pole. she is old enough to understand that a measure of her parents’ love for her includes how much thought they put into what they provide her to wear. They obviously put some thought into making the other children’s clothing stylish and attractive (with the exception of Pax, and that gives the child confidence and makes them feel like their parents think about them and their happiness. Since the age of 2 or 3, Shiloh has been given the ugliest, most ridiculous clothes anyone could put on a child. her baby dolls, which she loved, were also taken away, although occasionally you can still she her with one. That left her only her blanket and thumb to suck for protection, which she still uses at the age of 5/6. This child sees the disparate way she is treated as compared to her other siblings, and it has given her a very low self0image, Again, just IMO. However, it is hard to ignore her constant downcast face, her desperate attempts to keep from crying in public, her hunched over shoulders, and the way she looks at Jolie in public. this child is very sensitive and Jolie has exploited her sensitivity to mold her into something she isn’t and destroy her fragile ego. I respect others’ opinion, but this is what I see and read between the lines. It hurts to see a child so unhappy knowing you can’t do anything about it. I hope one day she is loved and pampered as much as, say Vivienne, even for just one day. She is treated like Cinderella in that family.

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Posted at 1:47 AM on March 9, 2012  

Too long. Did not read.

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Posted at 6:34 AM on March 9, 2012  


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Leah Gazzana

Posted at 1:07 PM on April 18, 2012  

wow really? As a tomboy myself…when I was a little girl, I was way more comfortable in my own skin when wearing clothes like Shiloh is wearing. It never dawned on my that anything was considered wrong about it. In fact I used to hate being forced into dresses and foo foo hats etc…it made me uncomfortable and I just felt icky. To me brad and angie are distilling in their children to be who they want to be, not what everyone (esp society) thinks they should be. To think Shiloh wants the pampered look is very odd in my opinion. Why immediately jump to the negative…shiloh is far from neglected and wearing rags. She has the one thing many of us dont have…loving and accepting parents who love their children regardless of all the petty crap most people worry about.

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