'Real Housewives of OC': Vicki Gunvalson Disses Slade Smiley For Calling Her A Pig

Fri, March 2, 2012 12:15pm EST by 10 Comments

After Gretchen Rossi’s boyfriend Slade calls Vicki ‘Miss Piggy’ during a stand-up show, Vicki confronts her at an 80s-themed bash.

Slade Smiley, 43, and Vicki Gunvalson, 49, have never gotten along…but did he go too far by comparing her to a chubby muppet?

During a stand-up comedy routine on the Feb. 28 episode, Slade calls Vicki “Miss Piggy,” and in next Tuesday’s episode, she makes know that she definitely doesn’t appreciate it! “My looks aren’t to his liking,” she comments when another party-goer brings it up.

Gretchen Rossi, 33, hears and has to step in, claiming, “I wasn’t up there when he said that, and actually, he and I got in a very big fight about it. So until you know the actual information, I suggest you shut up about it.”

Keep in mind this argument is going on while all the ladies are dressed in leotards and ratted hair for their 80s party. Looks like these women are still feuding, and their guys aren’t helping the situation!

Do YOU think Slade went too far, HollywoodLifers?

— Jordyn Woodtke

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Posted at 8:06 PM on March 14, 2012  

vicki you have no right to say anything about gretchen your just envious of her your an old hag you need to be slapped you are wrong you just say stuff to stay in public view if you were in front of me i would slap you… i have never seen anyone sooooooooo ugly

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Larry Morris

Posted at 9:14 AM on March 14, 2012  

LOOK, Vicki was dead wrong and is 100% a hypocrite. It’s all about her. It was none of her business about slade and now her life is off limits. She does not look to good with her responses to whats going on. Vicki, leave the show. Your making most of us sick watching you.

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Posted at 6:13 PM on March 8, 2012  

First, Gretchen did know about it and should not be blamed, but could acknowledge what she’s part ot or that she did see him rehearse.
Yes, Slade always goes way too far. I think Slade’s such a pathetic, bitter man to put down (others) all the women as he has, they even showed his ex-Jo, really?! What a jerk.
He and Gretchen are not that nice, use e / o, and use other people.

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Posted at 9:37 PM on March 6, 2012  

Vicki G does resemble Ms Piggy from Sesame Street. I don’t think it is a slam, after all Piggy is a very successful, famous actress!

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Posted at 7:19 PM on March 5, 2012  

I can’t get over how vapid and empty the “Real Housewives of OC” appear to be. They are obsessed with their fading looks and clothing. At the same time, they don’t seem to have a clue as to how to maintain a friendship.
Alexis is just dumb. I mean, really, she needed someone to hold her hand when she went to a plastic surgeon about a nose job. It’s not cancer, Alexis. And then the tears when he was examining her…really???
Where are Tamra’s children? She doesn’t seem to spend much time with them.
What is up with Gretchen’s skin. It is really bad. The irony is that the more base makeup she wears, the more her skin will break out. Quit using the base makeup and within weeks your skin will clear up. Otherwise, she appears to be wearing a Kabuki mask.
I don’t know what to make of Vicki except that I thought she was very cruel to Donn. She destroyed her own marriage. A man cannot be belittled constantly and then fill up your “love tank.” Now Vicki is with a con artist. How fitting.
Peggy uses too much collagen in her lips and her hair is too long for her age. That really goes for all of the housewives. They do not dress either taste appropriate or age appropriate.
Heather, if I were you, I would run for the hills and quit this show as soon as possible. It is toxic for your marriage.

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Posted at 7:07 PM on March 5, 2012  

I do not like Slade. I feel sorry for Gretchen. There must be better men out there for Gretchen.
Slade is a loser and a user of women.
I did not like his so-called comedy act. It was so lame. He should have been escorted off the stage. He needs to get a job. At the same time, Tamra and Vicki contributed to the lack of civility in the show. It makes for good entertainment but it is not the way people are supposed to behave. Such back biting.

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Posted at 11:14 PM on March 4, 2012  

This is not the real house husbands of O.C. slade needs to get a life and quit playing like a girl. Looser.

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Posted at 8:06 PM on March 4, 2012  

Gretchen isn’t even remotely responsible for this. She tried to talk some sense into Slade; it didn’t work. Slade’s a grown man as Vicki is a grown woman. If the ladies are upset with Slade, they should take that up with him and leave Gretchen out of it. And Gretchen should have the sense enough to shut up. Slade’s lack of consideration for the position he put her in should be a red flag to her. Calling Bitter Man Slade, party of 1… Bi

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Posted at 1:54 PM on March 2, 2012  

I agree with Vicki on this one. Gretchen is NOT completely innocent at all and while she should not be blamed completely, she should apologize and offer some understanding.

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Posted at 1:43 PM on March 2, 2012  

I do not think he went to far. I too, think that she does look like Miss Piggy!

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