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'One Tree Hill' Recap: Is Nathan Dead? Does Clay Have A Son?

Wed, February 29, 2012 10:20pm EDT by 17 Comments

Fans of Nathan Scott found out they can all rest easy — for now!

Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) was called down to the morgue to identify a body believed to be Nathan (James Lafferty) on the Feb. 29 episode of One Tree Hill — but those tears we saw in the previews turned out to be tears of joy, because Nathan was NOT in the body bag! In her desperate state, Haley even did the unthinkable and turned to Dan Scott (Paul Johannson) for help solve the mystery of her husband’s disappearance. It’s safe to say that hell has frozen over.

Meanwhile, Clay’s (Robert Buckley) therapist still wanted him to talk about Sarah’s death, but he couldn’t bring himself to get through the entire story. And instead of trying to leave things behind and get better, Clay spent his time flying airplanes with Logan (Pierce Gagnon) — the cutest little kid ever. Well, after a series of intense flashbacks, we came to find out that Logan is his son! Actually, Clay (somewhat) knew about Logan all along, but chose to block it out of his mind. What a revelation! Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) even told Clay that “nothing you say is going to change us.” Sure about that, Quinn?

Back in Tree Hill, Brooke (Sophia Bush) encountered her demon from the past, Xavier Daniels (Devin McGee), outside of Karen’s Cafe where he showed up and asked for a job! He kept popping up — inside the cafe, outside the cafe. Next thing you know, he’ll be on the roof of the cafe. Julian (Austin Nichols) physically removed Xavier from his seat as he was enjoying some cherry pie and Brooke demanded that he leave several times. Xavier seems a bit scared to mess with the Baker family because of Julian’s threats, but I don’t think that’s going to stop him completely.

Skills (Antwon Tanner) also encountered someone from his past: Lauren (Allison Munn) — and she’s pregnant! Unsure if he was the father, he confronted Lauren and things in Tree Hill get a little more interesting. It turns out Lauren’s “baby daddy” is actually David, Quinn’s ex-husband who showed up to support Haley during her time of need!

Finally, Chase (Stephen Coletti) prepared to leave for the Air Force, but was delayed since he took it upon himself to beat the crap out of Chuck’s (Michael May) father for attempting to abuse him again. Now we know why Chase was taking a ride in a cop car during the flash-forward in the premiere episode!

Viewers can now uncross their fingers and take a death breath of relief. Nathan’s body was not in the bag, so there’s still hope for the Scott family. But are other Tree Hill residents in danger?

— Jaymie Bailey