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'Jane By Design' Recap: Jane Loses Nick & Blows Her Big Secret

Tue, February 28, 2012 10:17pm EDT by Andy Swift 10 Comments

A breakup, a slip-up and a hangover? Needless to say, this was not Jane’s best week.

Jane (Erica Dasher) had a good run keeping up her double life, but we all knew her big secret had to come out eventually — and that’s exactly what happened on the Feb. 28 episode of Jane By Design when Ben (David Clayton Rogers) stumbled on some old pictures of Jane on her recent trip to Paris. But will he be cool with everything, or has our little fashionista reached the end of her runway?

We’ll have to wait until next week’s big finale to find that out, so let’s just focus on this week’s shenanigans for now.

Jane tagged along with India (India de Beaufort) on a little business trip to business trip to Beverly Hills — and by “tagged along” I mean “spied for Gray” — and discovered she was secretly meeting with Gray’s (Andie MacDowell) husband! It turns out he was trying to court her for a new job, but she claimed she turned him down. Color me skeptical, but I have a feeling she’s not telling the whole truth.

Meanwhile, the rest of the people in Jane’s life went on a camping trip — but it wasn’t quite the Kumbaya-fest they were expecting.

Lulu (Meagan Tandy) demanded that Billy (Nick Roux) officially choose her over Jane, and when he couldn’t, she kissed Nick (Matthew Atkinson)! Granted, this was after India picked up Jane’s phone and gave Nick the impression that Jane was sleeping with some smooth-talking rando — but that’s still no excuse for them kissing. If Lulu and Nick were both willing to jump ship that quickly, maybe neither one of them was fully invested in their relationships in the first place.

And things went from crappy to crap-tastic for Billy when he got arrested trying to help his brother Tommy out of a jam.

At least Ben had a good time on the school camping trip. Not only did he learn how to properly roast a marshmallow, but he also finally landed a kiss with Rita (Smith Cho.) Those two might be the most adorable thing on this show — and that’s saying a lot.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s game-changing episode? Do you think Billy and Lulu will be able to work things out? And what about Jane and Nick?! Leave me a comment with your wishes for next week’s finale.

— Andy Swift

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