Katy Perry Has A 'Blast' At Elton John's Oscar Party & Thinks Russell Brand Is 'Lame'

Mon, February 27, 2012 4:14pm EST by 7 Comments

We have a source who tells HollywoodLife.com that Katy thinks Russell is totally ‘lame’ for flaunting a new girl in public but she could ‘care less’ — isn’t Katy totally inspiring?

Katy Perry knows exactly how to handle a breakup! The 27-year-old isn’t hiding out since her split from hubby Russell Brand, she’s actually doing the complete opposite!  The gorgeous singer hit up Elton John’s 20th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party, which benefited the Elton John AIDS Foundation and a source tells HollywoodLife.com that “Katy was having the best time.”

“Katy was totally in her element and around people that really care about her,” a source tells us. “She didn’t seem upset once, in fact she was laughing and acting like her old self.”

Meanwhile, the British comedian was spotted out with Mexican artist Oriela Medellin Amieiro in LA. This is the second woman that Russell has been seen with since his divorce.

“Katy thinks Russell is so lame,” our source says. “She’s knows there’s something better out there.”

— Chloe Melas

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Posted at 3:15 AM on February 28, 2012  

I’m sick of reading every single paper making Katy look as the poor victim! Katy’s PR camp is working VERY HARD! Here’s the other side of the story: IF Katy was there for Russell instead of touring 9/10 of their wedded life, IF she was not getting wasted in every party she attends to, if she accepted to start a fmaily with him, IF she respected his sobriety & different lifestyle, IF they have the same life priorities, IF she preferred going out with him instead of her friends, IF she wasn’t bragging that she’s drunk in front of him…if, if, if….HE WOULD HAVE STAYED because he TRULY adored her! He proved that by marrying her & staying almost 3 years with her! And that’s a record for him!

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Posted at 1:05 AM on February 28, 2012  

Matt, just because Katy is beautiful, sexy or whatever u think she is, it DOESN’T mean that Russell should have stayed with her if she didn’t respect him! Some people have some pride u know…even if u are dating Angelina Jolie u ought to yourself to leave when your partner doesn’t respect your sobriety, doesn’t want your babies and prefers going out, partying & getting wasted instead of staying home with you. It’s all about dignity. Russell had a lucky escape if u ask me…Katy gota wasted AGAIN last night. What she can do BETTER!

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Posted at 8:22 PM on February 27, 2012  

“something is better out there” may be the problem. She should have said “someone is better out there”. Men are not objects.

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Posted at 7:18 PM on February 27, 2012  

Sorry, but I just have to do this….the phrase is “I (he/she) could’NT care less” not, “I (he/she) could care less.”

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Posted at 6:33 PM on February 27, 2012  

Russell IS lame. Hard to believe that Russell couldn’t get along with a girl like Katy. Come on. She is super hot looking and she has a fun loving good personality.

She’s a really talented musician with about as much fame and fortune as you can get after only two studio albums. Who knows, she might be a TV star and a movie star too.

She’s charitable too. She donated $50k to Elton’s charity in exchange for a few weeks of cooking lessons. All the proceeds from sales of her Hot 100 #1 hit song “Part of Me” go to the “MusiCares” charity. She’s a good citizen who is giving back to the community now that she is successful. She better not OVERDO it though.

She likes animals and kids so she’ll probably be a good mother. She’ll probably be a superb gourmet cook who knows how to make tasty meals that are healthy and don’t make you fat. That would be a tragedy to see Katy get fat. She looks great just like she is right now. There’s somebody better out there for her. Her next boyfriend will be a lucky dude.

I’m glad Katy doesn’t try to get TOO skinny like some of these models and actresses do. At the Oscars yesterday, Angelina Jolie didn’t look nearly as good as she used to. Brad Pitt needs to be a good boyfriend and BEG HER TO EAT AND PUT ON SOME WEIGHT … for their children. She doesn’t look too healthy.

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Posted at 5:22 PM on February 27, 2012  

The one who is LAME is Katy! Russell is single and can do whatever he wants u stupid b****ch! If u didnn’t choose drinking & partying instead of starting a family with him…he would have been with u now! I read that she got drunk AGAIN yesterday! Ughhh

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Posted at 5:03 PM on February 27, 2012  

Katy is lame look at that hair colour blue why not snot green, what is she a 1970 singer ..candy colour hair and he is not doing anything lame!

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