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Jay-Z Is Disappointed In Rihanna For Seeing Chris Brown Again & Is Scared For Her

Thu, February 23, 2012 9:11pm EDT by 20 Comments
Chris Brown Rihanna Jay-Z

Rihanna’s mentor is bummed she’s rekindling her relationship with the same guy who assaulted her three years ago

When Chris Brown brutally beat up Rihanna three years ago over Grammy weekend, she immediately rushed to her mentor Jay Z‘s house, where he helped her recover. Now, the 42-year-old rapper is reportedly upset his friend has chosen to forgive her assaulter and hang out with him again.

“Jay was absolutely disgusted by what Chris did to Rihanna,” a source told RadarOnline. “Jay doesn’t understand how a man could ever lay hands on a woman; it just goes against who he is and about.”

Added the source, “Chris is absolutely dead to Jay, he wants nothing to do with him ever. Now that Rihanna is hooking up with Chris and recording songs with him, Jay is deeply disappointed in her actions. He can’t fathom why Rihanna is doing the things she is doing. He understands the need for forgiveness, but he is adamant that Rihanna shouldn’t forget what Chris did to her.”

Not only is Jay-Z worried about Rihanna’s safety, he is concerned about her being a role model to the millions who look up to her.

“Jay wonders what kind of message this is sending to Rihanna’s young female fans,” the insider said. “Rihanna knows how Jay feels about Chris, but she doesn’t care, she is going to do what she wants.”

Unfortunately, Rihanna’s mentor doesn’t think Chris has changed enough and is scared he’ll repeat his actions.

“He’ll never give his blessing for what she is doing with Chris,” the source explained. “He has told her, this isn’t going to end well, it never does. In Jay’s opinion, Chris has rage issues that he doesn’t think have been dealt with.”

Do YOU think Rihanna should start hanging out with Chris again or should she keep her distance?

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