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'One Tree Hill' Recap: Lucas Returns & Nathan Breaks Free — Almost

Wed, February 22, 2012 10:27pm EDT by 29 Comments

Lucas arrives in Tree Hill to help with a new crisis, while Brooke battles a demon from her past.

He’s baaaaack! On the Feb. 22 episode of One Tree Hill, Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) — the one man who can compete with Nathan (James Lafferty) in the looks category — finally returned to Tree Hill. The fact that he’s back in town almost made every other event that occurred in “Last Known Surroundings” irrelevant. Still, this highly anticipated episode did not disappoint.

As Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) requested, Lucas returned to take Jamie (Jackson Brundage) and Lydia with him so she could focus on Nathan and protect her children in case anything bad happened. Lucas reassured Haley several times that her husband WILL COME HOME (please, please, pleeeease let this be true!) Jamie forgot to bring along the video of his dad and called Julian (Austin Nichols) so he could send it to him. Julian sent the video to Jamie and even made a copy for Dan Scott (Paul Johansson), and after intently looking at the same 30-second video for hours, Dan noticed a symbol in the background. (We don’t know what it means, but we do know it isn’t good!)

I couldn’t understand anything the crazy European terrorist said during the entire episode, but the most important thing was that Nathan broke free! I thought it was suspicious that the cop who turned Haley away from the beginning of Nathan’s disappearance showed up to help — and I was right! The cop has been involved in the kidnapping from the beginning. He kept whining about how the police department wouldn’t make him a detective (do you want some cheese?) and how his association with Nathan’s kidnapping paid more money. (I did NOT see this twist coming, but I did find it odd that the cop just showed up out of nowhere when no one had any idea where Nathan was.)

Clay (Robert Buckley) continued talking with his therapist, only to discover that he’s a boringly normal individual. He did, however, reveal that he felt responsible for Nathan’s disappearance. Clay was supposed to be the one to go to Europe, not Nathan.

Back in Tree Hill, Chase (Stephen Colletti) woke up to two strippers AND Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton) in his apartment. To top it all off, he was called back to the Air Force for active duty. He broke the news to his right-hand man, Chuck (Michael May), and basically crushed his heart. Chase noticed that Chuck had been lying about spending time with his father, and Chase took the opportunity to hang out with him before he had to leave. Chuck revealed a huge bruise on his abdomen, claiming he fell off his bike. This storyline has child absue written all over it.

Xavier Daniels (Devin McGee) requested that Brooke (Sophia Bush) meet with him before his trial where he hoped to be set free. He apologized to Brooke for attacking her, but he never admitted to murdering her friend, Quentin Fields. Unable to truly forgive Xavier, Brooke testified against him and told the court how he has not changed and that he will continue to be a threat if released. She felt good about her decision until she realized there’s still a possibility Mr. Daniels could still be set free. (Annnnnd go figure, he was. That was the most appealing testimony I’ve ever heard, and the criminal was still set free. Does this mean trouble for the Baker family?!?)

The previews for next episode showed Haley Scott crying over a body bag. Obviously, this did not set well with me. I refuse to even let myself think that Nathan’s body is in that bag because THAT JUST CAN’T HAPPEN!

Can it?!

— Jaymie Bailey