Angelina Jolie Hints Marriage To Brad Pitt Is Close

Wed, February 22, 2012 1:02pm EST by 5 Comments
Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt

Angelina continues to downplay any marriage rumors between her and Brad, but we may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

While promoting her directorial debut, In The Land of Blood And Honey, in Sarajevo, Angelina Jolie gave her answer to the possibility of her and movie star partner Brad Pitt finally tying the knot. “Maybe,” Angelina told Extra.

Brad and Angelina’s kids may give their parents the final push they need to get them down the aisle. “They figured out what marriage is now, they’re old enough so now they kind of like the idea of it,” Angelina said.

Although, Angelina expects they may have alternative motives. “But we’re still convinced that half of them just want to party.”

Both Brad and Angelina have hinted their willingness to get married. Will it happen anytime soon? Only the superstar couple, and maybe George Clooney, know.

Emily Morgan

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Posted at 2:28 AM on March 18, 2012  

it best of all, and I think you’re on to something! I agree with you, and alcuatly, I think Brad’s words and actions should tell us loud and clear that JA has indeed moved on, that there is no bad blood between the three, and that most likely, as you said, JA’s friends are doing this without any provocation (or consent) from her (I also agree with what Phoebe pointed out: That some of these friends might very well alcuatly just be acquaintances, and therefore not even be in very much contact with JA or know her very well, rather than actual friends).As Phoebe said, Brad has nothing but good things to say about JA when asked about her, and has even called her a sweetheart . True, Brad certainly would never publically talk about issues he had with JA. However, it’s also not like him to outright lie in interviews. Like Angie, he is very honest. So I really can’t see him calling JA a sweetheart or saying the other nice things he has about her if those things weren’t true. If that was the case (that those things weren’t true) then I think he would have just avoided the question (which, as we know, he and Angie are such experts at! ) rather than outright lying.Also, he was recently seen having dinner with Courteney Cox who is, of course, JA’s BFF. Now granted, there were several other people there, and the dinner was alcuatly a birthday dinner for their mutual manager. However, at PEOPLE and other places, it was said that Brad and Courteney hugged and that they talked. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I really can’t see Brad hugging a woman (or even talking to her) who was the best friend of someone who was trashing his love (gosh, it’s hard to figure out how to refer to Brad and Angie in regards to each other!) and children.Since Brad was in a relationship with JA for seven years, and lived with her for at least around five of those years (I don’t know how long they lived together before getting married, or even if they did at all), he obviously knows her way better than any of us ever will. So I’m going to trust his judgement. teniba- I agree! And I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I’d very much like to return to 2011!

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pow wow

Posted at 12:45 AM on February 29, 2012  

Jolie continues to dish up soft porn DIS–tractions
at the service of the capstone EUGENICS age-enda.

She herself, we understand, is a full blown member
of the horrifically sinister, EUGENICS & Globalism
central planning CFR.

Perhaps its time she do a little personal inventory.

Perhaps it’s time for a little high profile visit
to some of those EUGENICS ‘friendly’ internment
facilities on the North Korean border.

Just a little reality check as Hollywood
continues to BURY 6 decades of anniversaries
for the awesomely relevant, EUGENICS ‘unfriendly’

—————–KOREAN WAR——————-.

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Posted at 5:19 PM on February 22, 2012  

Brads never gonna put a ring on that scank . She is being sued for stealing a book. And Pitt has ALOT of stuff she will never ever get her veiny hands on. Plus he does not love her. Brad Pitt and George clooney have been I’m love for years. Broke back buddies

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Grow up hater

Posted at 8:44 PM on February 22, 2012  

What a nasty and childish post. BTW, I hope you choke on your hatred when Angelina and Brad get married…cause it will happen!

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Posted at 2:11 PM on February 22, 2012  

I love them, but I do not think it will happen anytime soon.

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