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'Jane By Design' Recap: Jane Finally Stands Up To India

Tue, February 21, 2012 10:58pm EDT by Andy Swift 7 Comments
Courtesy of ABC Family

Everyone got what they deserved on the Feb. 21 episode of ‘Jane By Design,’ and I’m now a proud member of Team Jane.

My Jane By Design recaps typically include a list of all the ways that Jane (Erica Dasher) ruined the lives of her friends and family on any given week — but believe it or not, the Feb. 21 episode actually found our plucky little fashionista using her powers for good. Not only did she bring Nick (Matthew Atkinson) and Billy (Nick Roux) closer together, but she also saved Jeremy’s (Rowly Dennis) job! Oh, and did I mention she took down India (India de Beaufort) in the process?

When a snooty socialite (Autumn Reeser) demanded that Donovan Decker redesign her wedding dress in 24 hours, Jeremy lost his mind — and nearly lost his job along with it. But thanks to Jane’s brilliant new design idea, the team was able to whip up the perfect replacement just in time. India tried to steal credit for Jane’s sketch, but it didn’t take long for the truth to come out.

Meanwhile, Nick and Billy bonded over nachos on what was supposed to be a group outing with Jane. And it turns out that Paula Abdul song was on to something, because Nick and Billy — who seemed to be opposites — totally attracted. And all it took was a bar fight with three dudes named Adam!

In the episode’s final moments, Jeremy finally kicked India to the curb for what she did to Jane, sending her straight into the waiting arms of a mystery man named Richard. (You’d think this would be the part where I theorize that “Richard” is actually Jane’s mom in disguise, but you’d be wrong. Maybe)

In the end, not only did the socialite love Jane’s wedding dress, but she even made it Nick’s baseball game in time. For once, I’ve got to say I fully support Jane Quimby. She got the job done and got the guy — and she did it all on her own.

Seriously, was this not the best episode of Jane By Design yet? How much did you love watching Billy and Nick’s little bromance blossom?

— Andy Swift

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