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'Gossip Girl' Recap: Blair Tells Dan She's Falling For Him, Plus 4 More 'OMG' Moments

Mon, February 20, 2012 10:30pm EDT by 50 Comments

Turns out the kiss between Blair and Dan was more than just two friends getting caught up in the moment! Blair finally confessed her feelings for Dan, but what does this mean for her relationship with Chuck?

It wasn’t just cupid’s arrow that stirred up chemistry between Blair (Leighton Meester) and Dan (Penn Badgley). Their feelings have unfortunately dragged on after Valentine’s Day and it doesn’t look like they’ll be fading any time soon.

The Feb. 20 episode began with Blair and Serena (Blake Lively) fighting because of Blair’s last kiss with Dan. Dorota, being the great housekeeper/friend/mediator she is, locked the two in a room until they straightened out their differences. To Dorota’s defense, the situation was about to become worse — if that was even possible. Serena said that she was mad because Blair continued to deny her feelings for Dan. Blair went on to say that she is just friends with Dan and said that she was going to prove it by spending the day with him just “as a friend” at a play practice — where they were acting out Dan’s book ‘Insider’ which is mostly about Dillon’s (who is supposed to be Dan) secret love for Claire (who is supposed to be Blair).

Blair and Dan end up kissing when playing Dillon and Claire and, of course, Serena shows up at the absolute worst moment. Serena and Blair fight again and Serena asks Blair to just admit her feelings for Dan and to stop lying.

Blair’s ah-ha moment came when she realized that Dillon really loved Claire for being Claire… meaning that she realized Dan really loves Blair, for Blair. Frankly, I’m fed up with Blair’s ridiculous, back and forth antics. She’s being pretty selfish right now. Dan should have been off limits to Blair from the start. Isn’t that the #1 rule in girl code? Your best friend’s ex-boyfriends are ALWAYS off limits! No exceptions!

And what about the fact that Blair is a married woman?? Sorry Blair, but any sympathy I had left for you is gone.

And here are more ‘OMG’ moments…

#1 Serena Forgives Blair
After Blair revealed her feelings to Dan she went straight to Serena to let her know that she is in fact romantically interested in Lonely Boy. Serena, being the bigger person she is,  forgave Blair. It’s clear that the situation still irks Serena, but she feels that her friendship with Blair is more important than her feelings for Dan. Serena’s being way too nice… that’s just my opinion.

#2 Chivy Is Outed!
We totally say this coming, but who knew it would happen so soon? After Chivy (Kaylee Defer) and the real Charlie (who goes by Lola) crossed rhodes , Chivy wasn’t going to last much longer. The impostor had been hiding out at her ailing grandmother Cece’s (Caroline Lagerfelt) house, but when Cece’s condition worsened — so did Chivy’s. Chivy was forced to face the UES one last time, and this time it included Chola. And voila, the entire scheme of Charlie’s mother hiring Chivy to pretend to be the real Charlotte Rhodes was revealed.

#3 Cece Rhodes Dies
So sad! The eldest of the Rhodes family has passed away. It looks like it’s now Lily’s (Kelly Rutherford) responsibility to keep the family together. Between the real Charlie Rhodes in the picture, her daughter, Serena, in love with her stepson ,Dan, and her own conniving sister back in town — this should be pretty easy to do, right?

#4 Blair Tells Chuck: ‘Leave Dan Alone’
Blair’s new relationship with Dan has understandably put him on Chuck’s hate list. Chuck (Ed Westwick) went as far as ruining his second book proposal. But all is took was a simple phone call from Blair asking him to stop terrorizing Dan to stop the Chuck/Dan madness.  I really do think this is just a phase for Blair because when Chuck asked Blair if her feelings have changed she said “no.” I think this is a good sign for us Chair fans.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Is Blair really falling for Dan? Has Serena really forgiven Blair? Sound off in your comments below!


–Nicole Karlis

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