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'Project Runway All-Stars' Recap: Kara Janx Gets Sent Home

Fri, February 17, 2012 3:49pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 3 Comments
project runway all-stars recap kara janx

After making it so far in the season, Kara, who has been guest blogging for us, was finally sent packing — but she did fantastic throughout the show! Read Kara’s thoughts on getting sent home here.

How appropriate that the very byline of the episode was named, “Day by Day,” in tune with the musical Godspell. If I must, the challenge was about creating a garment for one of the characters. Now I would love to do a sing and dance and tell you what went down, but it’s the usual scoop: trip to Mood, sew, meltdown, sew some more, break a leg, break a needle — but I have decided this time to write about my Auf’ing. Sad to say it was my time to go.

I was invited to participate and agreed to appear on Project Runway All-Stars with some resistance and a bit of, “Oh my g-d-I really don’t know if I want to put myself through this again.” With no sleep, food you find in Deli’s with a buffet section filled with yesterdays mix-ins, accommodations for Mila’s hooker lady and a battery pack slapped to your back I did it anyway, cause that’s where it all began and quite honestly I was flattered!

I have worked hard and built a great brand and I needed to leave the nest again and see what awaited. Well here it goes…day by day and night by night, new challenges, new friends, (you actually do make lasting friendships, believe it!), ups and downs, highs and lows, the show covers it all. Why? Because you put yourself out there again, you challenge yourself, you face your fears and you ultimately become a braver, stronger, crazier person for it. I can read other blogs until my eyes bleed: the good, the bad, the ugly. I can hear people who shop at wWlmart and Sears throw out opinions about the finish on my hem and I can hear the guy in the middle of nowhere, (population 5), wish for the whole Nieman Marcus accessory wall to fall on our heads — but I don’t care!

I’m a mother of two stunning kids and I don’t care if it’s slowed me down in a game show on TV or made me wish I was home kissing their cheeks — what I do care about is that my kids know that Mommy has worked hard, that she has done it with integrity and that nothing comes easy! At the end of the day, you walk off with your head held up and, as they say on Broadway, “THE SHOW MUST GO ON.”

Kara Janx

*At we’re so proud of Kara for coming so far — and be sure to follow her on twitter for more exciting updates!