'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Derek's Sister Returns & A Patient Gets His Hand Caught In A Meat Grinder

Fri, February 17, 2012 12:01am EST by 5 Comments
Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey’s still comes up with some pretty interesting cases but most of this episode was pretty boring.

Grey’s Anatomy upped the gross-out factor this week when a guy came in with his hand stuck in a meat grinder. Meanwhile, Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) sister Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) traveled from Private Practice to convince her brother to operate on a woman with an almost-inoperable brain tumor.

Derek initially refused to help Amelia until Lexie (Chyler Leigh) intervened and convinced the Drs. Shepherd to work together. But it’s weird that Amelia never interacts with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), right? I mean, they are sisters-in-law. (In the second hour of the cross-over, Derek and Amelia successfully complete the surgery in the alloted 90 seconds, thus saving the woman’s life.)

But back to the guy with his hand in the meat grinder. Meredith needed to impress Callie (Sara Ramirez) to get Callie’s secret study method for the boards. So Meredith came up with the brilliant idea to save the hand by using his second toe as a thumb. (Sounds complicated, right?) Callie agreed to help Meredith with the boards, but only after semi-lecturing her and calling her a blonde. Side note: Is Ellen Pompeo really a blonde?

Alex’s (Justin Chambers) intern Morgan-Megan — since Alex didn’t know her name, I don’t know it either — collapsed during surgery due to her pregnancy. Because Alex was unaware that she was with child, he felt like an ass. But Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) talked some sense into him, and this was just another “Alex is a douche but it’s OK because he wants to save kids’ lives” story.

In Bailey (Chandra Wilson) gets too attached to her patients news, she almost sabotaged Mark (Eric Dane) and Jackson’s (Jesse Williams) surgery on a former patient of hers with incessant and obnoxious questioning in the OR. Does anyone remember how much Bailey would lecture Izzy about getting too personal at work? Did she ever listen to herself?

While everyone else was doctoring, Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Cristina (Sandra Oh) were in therapy, talking to what I assumed to be an invisible therapist. (In reality, there was someone there at the end.) But things don’t look good for these two, since Owen can’t forgive Cristina for having the abortion. Good, because Owen is being completely unreasonable.

What did you think of Grey’s this week? Will Owen and Cristina make it? Will everyone pass their boards? Will Kepner (Sarah Drew) ever get a real story line? And come on, Ellen isn’t actually blonde, right?

– Denise Warner

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Posted at 12:48 PM on February 19, 2012  

I think they both need to grown up abd realize thay love each other and, thay both need to give a little

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Posted at 8:39 AM on February 17, 2012  

Why is Owen being completely unreasonable? Because he wants to have a child? Because he can’t get over the abortion? If Cristina was the one wanting a kid you wouldn’t be calling her unreasonable. Watch the double standard.

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Posted at 4:12 AM on February 17, 2012  

Enough of lexie already… I dont want to see her on my screen seriously.. shes not a major character.

I want Derek Meredith Alex Cristina Richard bailey then the rest get minor roles.

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Posted at 4:11 AM on February 17, 2012  

Totally agree this was major bore
and indeed howcome Meredith didnt talk to Amelia how come amelia didnt want to meet Zola I mean really. its odd. and not written right. major fail.

the only part I enjoyed was meredith and callie and it was very little. needed more.

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Posted at 12:42 AM on February 17, 2012  

OMG..You are so right. The fact that Amelia comes to Seattle and not once says a thing to Meredith (her sister in law) nor asks or goes to see her new niece Zola bugged me so much. Not to mention “Meredith light” aka Lexie who has now not only taken Meredith’s career, but had every scene with Amelia/Der, and gave Derek the “Meredith-like’ pep talk Mer has always gives Derek when he doubts himself was not only out of place, but disturbing. I loathe Lexie in this SL and how Shonda Rhimes and crew think they can just stick her in there and somehow nobody will notice the absurdity of it all given that the character Meredith has been primarily in Neurosurgery for 8 seasons now. So bummed that Amelia thinks more of her friend’s baby mama illness over thinking of her own new niece even briefly. Talk about an AU-GA ep. A really bad one actually.

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