Jada Pinkett Smith Tries To Mend Will Smith Marriage With A New Love Song

Thu, February 16, 2012 1:13pm EST by 6 Comments
Jada Pinkett Smith Song

Jada took to Facebook to publicly dedicate her latest track called ‘Burn’ to her husband Will — is it enough to save their marriage?

Jada Pinkett Smith gave Will Smith an extra-personal Valentine’s Day gift this year, Us Weekly reports. “Will, I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day. This is for you,” Jada posted on her Facebook page.

Jada appears to be reaching out to Will and squash recent rumors about the superstar couple’s rocky 13-year marriage. “We are still together, and our marriage is intact,” the Smiths have said.

We hope for the sake of their kids — Trey, 18, Jaden, 13 and Willow, 10 — that they can stay together.

– Emily Morgan

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Posted at 9:01 AM on April 11, 2012  

Sorry but kids cant hold together an relationship. If its not ment to be its not meant to be. Simple as! The kids have to grow a pair and accept it. Nothing lastest for ever and its their parents fault anyway because they have been brought up WWWWWWAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY to fast for my eyes. Have you heard the content of willow smith song, its sicken! Yeah everyone loves it but when parents started understanding the meaning not alot of kids were allowed to sign that song. I personally feel you should allow youre children to live normal lives and when they are Trey age then they can make decision as to whether they want to be in the music field or not. What you gonna do when their sucess runs out and they have no fame left and you7r all old to do your thing (lets admit you’ve been in it from a young age will) their gonna have to come back to reality but the difference is they dont know what that is because the life you allowed them to live. Very upsetting!

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Posted at 4:07 PM on April 3, 2012  

We spoke together earlier today.
You’re an amazing couple you know that don’t you?
You don’t deserve each other thats why its a relationship.
Its two forgivers living together.
Am not asking you to forgive your wrongs though?
Am just saying that, the 3 kids you have is a proof of a good job you both have done in raising these kids.
They deserve the best, Mr. & Mrs Smith.
A young boy asked his father “what does it take to make a good home?”. Father says “patience, tolerance & understanding”. Mother comes into the discussion “yes, son that is true, but when these 3 factors a missing children bridge the gap blw parents”. Son says “what do you mean bridge?”. .
Dad replies in a harsh tone “use your head son!!” you’re like a glue:-D

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Jus da fukn truth

Posted at 6:51 PM on March 18, 2012  

Da media love drama!!!¡!!¡!!

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nieshiea burton

Posted at 2:33 PM on March 12, 2012  

jada please put hawthorne on still i love that show i have the dvd of season 1 and 2 but i still trying to find season 3 i watch it everyday just see if tbs or someone will take you because i want to see what will happen on season 4 please i lov you

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nieshiea burton

Posted at 2:27 PM on March 12, 2012  

i am so sad for you`ll it is hard to do when you have kids and you dont now what to do cause they want there mom and dad like a family i now because i seen it alot my best friend only have her mom to live with but she still go and see her dad i now all about it i would feel the same if i live with only 1 of my parent you`ll make a good family together but i understand thats part of life you get divorce i just wish you`ll stay together every one disserves a second chance i am so sorry i now how hard it is not being together i love you both very much:(

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Posted at 5:15 PM on February 16, 2012  

Hollywood Life, I am dissappointed in you for posting this obviously tabeloid trash. I use your site because I trust what you say, not to swallow down bile rising in my mouth. As you stated yourself in the above artical, Jada and Will have said numeruos times THEIR MARRIAGE IS FINE. You would probably post something if Jada hadn’t done anything for Will publicaly for Valentines Day, so why are you saying Jada is “trying to save their marriage” if she is posting a freaking Valentines Day song for Will and saying how much she loves him! Seriously, WTF!

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