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'Pretty Little Liars' Scoop: Is Melissa Returning To Rosewood To Have Her Baby?

Wed, February 15, 2012 12:54pm EDT by Andy Swift 4 Comments
Courtesy of ABC Family

Torrey DeVitto tells about Melissa’s upcoming drama: ‘You can’t trust the Hastings family.’

Melissa Hastings (Torrey DeVitto) is in for a shock when she returns to Rosewood on the Feb. 20 episode of Pretty Little Liars! After all, she does have a new half-brother (who she may have also made out with) waiting for her at home. But is a trip to the delivery room also on her agenda? “That’s a question I would like answered,” Torrey told, hinting that Melissa won’t be losing that baby bump anytime soon. “As much as I love wearing that pregnant belly, I’m curious myself.”

Maybe it’s better that Melissa isn’t giving birth yet. At least it’ll give her time to patch things up with Auntie Spencer (Troian Bellisario).

“I think it always goes back and forth,” Torrey says of the Hastings sisters’ tumultuous relationship. “But when they are on the up-and-up, you have to wonder: Is this genuine? Is this really going to last, or are they only being nice because they need something from each other? You can’t trust the Hastings family; even the parents are sneaky little devils.”

But no matter what happens to Melissa, Torrey says she’s just happy to be along for the ride.

“When I first read the pilot, I thought, ‘This is different,'” Torrey says. “‘I normally play psychos, but this girl is just this perfect straight-A student.’ And then, the more the scripts when on, I realized she’s absolutely insane. She has so many layers and skeletons, and the relationship between her and her sister is always so emotional. I would never want to be a part of their family in real life.”

What do you think, PLL fans? Have you missed seeing Melissa spar with Spencer? And what do you think her return will reveal about the night Alison was killed? See you in the comments section!

— Andy Swift

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