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Josh Powell's Murder-Suicide House Was A Sham To Fool Social Workers

Wed, February 15, 2012 11:28am EDT by 6 Comments
Josh Powell Explosion

The house that crazed Josh blew up to kill himself and his two sons was nothing but a ruse — he didn’t actually live there!

Detectives are now revealing some shocking news in the Josh Powell case: Josh didn’t actually live in the house he turned into an exploding bomb, killing him and his two young sons — Charlie, 7, and Braden, 5. According to the Tacoma News Tribune, detectives told local residents that Josh had obviously pre-meditated this terrible tragedy.

“He was a very meticulous, thoughtful person,” says Sgt. Denny Wood. “This guy doesn’t work on emotion. We have been working since [the day detectives searched Josh’s home with a warrant] to get those kids away from him.”

Police say that when Susan Cox Powell disappeared in 2009, Josh told them she had run off. He refused to cooperate further and moved with the boys to his father’s home. Detectives got a search warrant and discovered child pornography and 15 to 20 boxes of records, including gasoline purchase receipts.

Investigators used the evidence to have the boys placed with Susan’s parents, and Josh was told he had to move out if he wanted the boys to live with him. He rented a house, but residents in the cul-de-sac say they had no idea anybody lived there.

“He set it up like a rental place, with pictures of the family,” says Sgt. Denny. “I think it was staged so when CPS (Child Protective Services) came, it would look like a loving family.”

When Josh didn’t regain custody of the boys on Feb. 1, he hatched his horrendous murder-suicide plot. He had $6,500 and left instructions for his sister to use it to pay bills and his lawyer, as well as how to shut of utilities. After the explosion, police searched his storage unit and found water, tons of sealed buckets of dried foods and gas cans.

When the social worker arrived with the boys that fateful day, Josh lured them in with the promise of a surprise.

Sgt. Denny outlines what happened next: “The little boys come in. He takes them to the back and hits them with the hatchet. Josh Powell scatters gas. He walks around the house, tossing it on the walls and floor. He puts the five-gallon gas can by the front door. He sits with the other can between his knees. It was an explosion, not a fire.”

But the sergeant says the boys likely did not suffer. “He committed the most evil act,” says Detective Gary Sanders. “And he gave them the greatest gift, which is to be in their mother’s arms.”

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