'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Are Emily & Maya Really Breaking Up?

Mon, February 13, 2012 9:19pm EST by 18 Comments
Courtesy of ABC Family

Plus, Holden’s real secrets are revealed — and they’re bringing him closer to Aria!

All Pretty Little Liars fans know that the better looking a character is, the more trouble they are, which is why Detective Wilden’s (Bryce Johnson) return on the Feb. 13 episode spelled trouble — particularly for Caleb (Tyler Blackburn.)

The pigs got a hold of Caleb’s laptop, and apparently his computer skills have rubbed off on Hanna (Ashley Benson), because she was able to hack in from another laptop and erase the files. Of course, it helped that his password happened to include the anniversary of the first time he porked her in the woods. (Ah, romance.)

Meanwhile, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) wasted no time confronting her dad about the whole you-cheated-on-mom-and-created-a-beautiful-baby-named-Jason situation. She also teamed up with Jason (Drew Van Acker) to figure out the truth behind Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) “friend” Vivian.

And it turns out Holden (Shane Coffey) has an abdominal aortic aneurism, which basically means he has a Lucas Scott-style heart condition that could be nothing — but will more than likely strike at the most dramatic moment possible. Aria (Lucy Hale) seemed really worried about him this week, and I’m more convinced than ever she should forget about the ever-terrified Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding) and shack up with Holden.

Lastly, and most tragically, Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Maya (Bianca Lawson) hit their biggest bump yet. After yet another argument about Maya’s “occasional” pot smoking, she told Emily she’d never fit in with the other kids in Rosewood. She left Hanna’s house in tears, one of the millions of moments during this show when “Come To My Window” would have been the perfect background song.

OK, let’s talk about this week’s episode: Do you think Aria should date Holden? Will you be bummed if Emily and Maya split for good? And did you miss Noel Kahn’s eyebrows this week as much as I did? See you in the comments section!

— Andy Swift

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Posted at 4:23 PM on March 10, 2012  

i’m wondering where ic an find the blue top Emily wears at the shark party when she discovers Maya still smokes pot.

Thanks for you help

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Captain Video

Posted at 9:59 PM on March 5, 2012  

Real American girls named Maya don’t ever go homosexual, of course, so you know this is a transoceanic propatainment job that will die in at least one of many ways.

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Posted at 1:16 AM on February 28, 2012  

i love that i guessed what holden was up to. i said sarcastically ” maybe he’s in a fight club kicking brad pitt’s ass.” close enough :D everyone thought he was A because A got hit by the car.

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Posted at 1:11 AM on February 28, 2012  

i love aria and ezra together. they’re meant for each other but i wanna see a love triangle between aria, ezra and holden. ezra is too affraid of geting arrested. he need to see that he wont be able to stomach the thoughtof her being with someone whose more appropriate for her. thats drama!

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Posted at 4:29 PM on February 25, 2012  

I love Ezria, but I think it would be nice to see Aria with somebody more similar to her lifestyle… I don’t care if it’s Holden or Jason, but personaly Jason was always my number 1 for Aria… Ezria don’t take this the wrong way, but your relation ship is same old, same old all the time! I’m sick and tired of just watching Aria sneeking into Ezra’s apartment for a late night botty call!!! I’m pretty sure I would survive even if she dated Holden, he is sweet and kind and come on, the guy ran though so many streets for Aria, she would be a fool not to love him for that! But I will always ship Jason and Aria the same way that I ship WRENCER!!! Toby is such a child, but Wren on the other hand is a man who has loved Spencer from the minute they have met, even though the meeting was sort of creepy since he was engaged to her sister… What ever, the main point is I ship JASON & ARIA and SPENCER & WREN ( but mostly just Aria and Jason ) <3

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Posted at 8:13 AM on February 15, 2012  

What was that song at the sharks party at Hanna’s house?

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Posted at 2:21 PM on February 23, 2012  

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People :)

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Posted at 8:08 PM on February 14, 2012  

I dont think aria shouls, she os great with ezria :) omg i would stop watching the show if emily and maya broke up. They are great together!!!! I love them so much! <3 not really i hate noel

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Posted at 5:14 PM on February 14, 2012  

seems like theres more drama with the girls and theyre friends, then there is with the girls and A. i think aria and ezra need to be over. i hate looking at a child and a adult in a romantic way, its gross and needs to be takin off the show, yes things like this happen in real life, but so does alot of other stuff. its sick and needs to stop.

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Posted at 4:42 PM on February 14, 2012  

I’m over Caleb. I feel so much time this season has been spent on him and I’m over it.

I want more Ezra and more Aria and Ezra scenes. First u ship her with Jason and now Holden? Give it up Andy Ezria are ENDGAME!

And Emily and Maya can’t break up.

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Posted at 10:39 AM on February 14, 2012  

Please break up already, just forget Maya, Samara, and Paige! Emily has the best chemistry with Mona. And Spencer should be with Wren. Keegan couldn’t act to save his life.

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Posted at 9:32 AM on February 14, 2012  

Maya and Emily will work it out because they love each other but it is not going to be easy though.

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Posted at 9:17 AM on February 14, 2012  

I love Emily and Maya, I’ll be ruined if they broke up :(

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Posted at 7:29 AM on February 14, 2012  

I’m PISSED bummed it’s tha word Emaya 4ever

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Posted at 7:22 AM on February 14, 2012  

There is drama and then there is the very ridiculous and boarding character assassination. Very disappointed with this episode. Particuarly how Maya is being written. It’s wildly inconsistent. I get it if Marlene King and company are not invested in Emaya and want to do something different for Emily’s character, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of Maya’s character.

Emily wasn’t very out of touch and intune with Maya for someone who just lost their virginity. Maya has been written as someone who is less considerate lately and considering that she said about the most beautiful and thoughtful thing anyone has said on the show since it started, “I care about you, so I’ll wait. You don’t need to say anything. You just need to know that”, it’s hard to rectify that Maya with what they are doing to her now. Not to mention we also got the Maya that said, “I won’t lose sleep. That’s you”. Those things are what made Maya such a fantastic character, someone you rooted to be with Emily cause she was so good for her. It’s pretty blatant and obvious what they are doing to her character and I personally think it’s disrespetful and thoughtless. Maya gets to be the thorn in Emaya, made to look suspicious, and yet the other PLL significant others get to be their shinning knights.

Again there is drama and there is ridiculous and right now I’m only seeing character assassination. If they want to ove Emily on, move her own, but let Maya keep her dignity.

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DingDi Qo

Posted at 5:57 AM on February 14, 2012  

I’ll be bummed if Emily and Maya split for good.

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Posted at 11:07 PM on February 13, 2012  

Holden has been such a sweetheart to Aria. I don’t want him to like die or whatever. :(And I do like her with him. At least for the time being. I’m tired of always watching her and Ezra sneak around. That’s what their relationship has always been and always will be; one big snoop!

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Posted at 9:37 PM on February 13, 2012  

i dont understand.. what about holden’s bruised stomach in the previous episode? is that like a symptom from this heart condition? i totally thought he was boxing or something…

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