Kim Kardashian's Ex-Publicist Hires Kris Humphries' Attorney

Mon, February 13, 2012 8:45am EST by 10 Comments
Kim Kardashian

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Posted at 7:48 PM on March 12, 2012  

She’s a nasty, skanky whore. I hope he wins every penny he’s asking for, and then I hope he writes a tell all book about the whole nasty, skanky family. PATHETIC!

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Posted at 10:55 PM on March 3, 2012  

Too much talk not enough action. Let’s get this done and dusted, the Kardashians need to be made accountable for all their deceit. They are ridiculing their fans and their fans don’t seem to mind!! AMAZING! Which is why they seem to get away with all this fake and deceitful behavior.

Americans love their freedom, an important part of their constitution, yet the legal system allows the “sewing up” of employees’ mouths with ironclad confidentiality agreements which in turn is defended by the judicial system !!! So what happened to Freedom of Speech? Besides, if anyone asked me to sign a confidentiality agreement, I would tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine – my freedom of speech is very important to me and not for sale. I value my rights. I value the people who fought for us to have those rights.

What have you got to hide that you need this agreement in place? If its that bad, here’s a simple rule, don’t do it!! End of story.

This is just another form of slavery! White Collar Slavery. Stand together and say ” Stick your Confidentiality Agreement, My right to Freedom of Speech is more important to me and it is NOT FOR SALE !!!

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Justin likes Beaver

Posted at 10:31 AM on February 24, 2012  

Look the Kardashian father, Robert, was a lawyer and unscrupulous….Kim is a pig, in every sense of the word.
Sue the sh@t out of her….get paid like the Kartrashians.
…did you ever see her sex video?….kim acts like she ‘s the victim all the time…well you can only cry wolf only so many times….go away already!..skanks

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Posted at 11:10 PM on February 13, 2012  

The suicide guy? Ok. Kris must be really desperate.

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Posted at 8:28 PM on February 13, 2012  

I’ve been following the Jaxson saga, after all, he is the one that exposed the fraudulent wedding (when everyone knew it anyway) and I believe him and here’s why:

#1– kims attorney is relentlessly pushing for arbitration, they want to work this out ASAP! So much so it’s driving this man crazy. The k’s are protecting secrets.

#2– What they’ve done to Humphries. They have decieved this man so much, he wants to take it court, TELEVISED! Not hard to imagine that they are trying to screw Jaxson too.

#3– The k’s track record. Let’s face it folks, they’re just common criminals. Check out what they did to Mrs. Norwood’s credit card account where she had to sue them to get her $$ back or the infamous PREDATORY Kardashian Kard, that was pulled by a state Attorney General as predatory and was peddled to teenagers as young as 13 y/o.

And this brings me to the reason why I beleive Humphries wants the hearing televised. Jaxson states that people fear taking them to court. Their attorneys are crooked, unethical. The kardashian name is of course well known in the courtroom. The only way Humphries will get a fair hearing is if it is televised, exposed, if it is behind closed doors, he well get railroaded again by judiciary ‘favors’ and underhanded litigation by kim’s dreamteam attorneys.

The kardashian’s think that no one can touch them in the courtroom. I disagree. There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Jaxson is telling the truth. For his sake, I urge Mr. Jaxson to consider having the hearing televised.

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Posted at 8:55 PM on February 13, 2012  

I failed to mention…

#4– The k’s straight up lie about everything to make themselves look good. They don’t even try at half-truths, they just lie and beleive that sticking to the lie, no matter what, mean they are being truthful. Maybe in the kardashian world it is, but it won’t be in a televised court of law.

Mr. Jaxson wants his day in court and I hope he gets it. He says he has more than enough evidence, I’d like to see it.

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Posted at 4:16 PM on February 13, 2012  

“When Kim’s attorney filed for arbitration, Jonathan says the stress pushed him to attempt suicide” He should have followed through with the suicide attempt tbh

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Posted at 12:04 PM on February 13, 2012  

That guy is psychotic. Didn’t he attempt suicide because he felt guilty for all of the LIES he told about Kim? Kim is going to be the one to come out of this looking better. Kris and Jonathon are both idiots. Kris, give the woman her divorce and move on. Jonathon needs to be sued. He is obsessed with her. It’s no coincidence that he hires the same attorney that represents her soon-to-be EX HUSBAND. I’m glad Kim doesn’t speak about this. Those men are acting worse than women.

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Posted at 12:36 PM on February 13, 2012  

shes a whore, I hope johnathan and kris sue her and the family for all the fakeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Alba m tapia

Posted at 9:57 AM on February 19, 2012  

Dnt think ur capable of ^^

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