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Mom Slits 9-Month-Old Baby's Throat In Missouri

Fri, February 10, 2012 9:46am EDT by 13 Comments
Bradie Simpson Baby

So horrible! A mother allegedly slashed her little baby girl’s throat months after claiming she was ‘possessed!’

Bradie Simpson of Camdenton, Mo., was found in woods near her home covered in her daughter’s blood. She’s been charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action, according to The Daily Mail. Miraculously, the baby survived the attack! “If you remember in the movie Carrie, the blood that was over the baby — it was scary,” says Dwight Franklin, Camden County Sheriff. “They initially thought the baby was dead.”

Fortunately, police were able to rescue the baby in time. “A deputy immediately snatched it up, applied pressure to it, covered it up and ran back to the ambulance with it,” he says. Bradie’s 19-year-old son had called the police to report her and his sister missing, and officers soon found a bloody knife in the bedroom before discovering the horrific scene in the woods.

Strangely, last October, Brandie allegedly told First Baptist Church pastor Rev. Bob Aubuchon that she was possessed. He says she ran inside the church screaming for him to “take my baby, take my baby.”

She told him she was possessed by a demon and asked for him to keep her away from her child. She then tried to leave, but the church called 911 and children’s services.

Rev. Bob was supposed to testify in court about the incident, but he was later told the case was settled and the baby was returned to Bradie.

In another odd twist, the body of Bradie’s ex-boyfriend, the father of her baby, was discovered in the same woods last September! His cause of death was never revealed.

So shocking! How can a mother do this to her child?!?

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