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Bonnie Says: Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Need To Get Married Now!

Fri, February 10, 2012 6:02pm EDT by HL Intern 20 Comments
Kourtney and Scott Wedding

Scott Disick, it’s time to get down on your knee and make Kourtney a marriage proposal so romantic she CAN’T turn you down.

Kourtney and Scott, here’s why you need to make your relationship official, and it’s not to have a $10 million fairy tale wedding.

#1) You have a baby son Mason, 2.

#2) You are expecting a baby girl.

#3) You are already a family. Two little people will be depending on you. You are committed to that family so why not get the legal piece of paper that confirms the commitment that you are already making.

#4) You love each other. I’ve watched Kourtney & Kim Take New York and you’ve been through a lot of issues in your relationship. Kourtney, you’ve given Scott a hard time because he has flitted from job to project to entrepreneurial venture, and you haven’t felt like he was making an adult commitment to anything he was doing.

Scott, you’ve been disappointed by Kourtney’s lack of support for your various interests and ambitions — from your Judaism to your piano playing to your restaurant venture.

You’ve both also been struggling with actually sleeping in the same bed because Mason has been a fixture sleeping with Kourtney.

But bottom line, Scott continually expressed through the full season of the show, how much he loved you Kourtney — how you were his best friend as well as lover — and how much you love Mason. And love is the best reason to get married. You both love each other and you both love Mason and your coming baby.

#5) Marriage will make your children feel more secure in their family. “If [Kourtney and Scott] truly love each other it can be a healthier situation for their children. A marriage shows a 100% commitment,” says family therapist, Dr. Jeff Gardere, who is a contributor to

Listen, Kourtney and Scott, I’m a mom too — of four children — and children totally want to feel as if they are secure and that both their parents will be there for them, now and forever.

I know that couples split after marriage all the time, but if you’ve made the commitment to having two children, then certainly you SHOULD be making the total commitment to each other, as parents and partners.

#6) There’s nothing like a wedding to make the Kardashian family happy — so have a wedding and have a great time.

Kourtney and Scott — it’s time. Do it for yourselves, and do it for your children.  Now, I obviously can’t force you to be married, so you should only get married if you want to be married. While its true that kids do better in a married family environment, that is only if it’s a healthy relationship and not a war zone. Doing anything ” for  the kids” puts undue pressure on children.,”  warns relationship expert, Dr. Cooper Lawrence. But if you are committed to each other and your children,  it will deepen the relationship you already have. Then if you really want to — you can still do it for the television cameras for E! too!

— Bonnie Fuller

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