'Revenge' Recap: Emily Gets A Scary Invitation — Written With Her Own Sharpie

Wed, February 8, 2012 11:34pm EST by 9 Comments
Courtesy of ABC

Is nothing sacred? Someone will pay for using Emily’s beloved writing instrument!

Among other things, the Feb. 8 episode of Revenge solidified one fact: the Graysons should never eat as a family — ever again. During what I can only describe as the most intense meal I’ve ever witnessed, Daniel (Josh Bowman) learned about his mother’s affair, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) learned about her true paternity, and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) learned she’s not as tough as she thinks she is.

And the Graysons weren’t the only ones who became privy to new information this week. Jack (Nick Wechsler) discovered Treadwell’s recorded interview with a wee little Amanda (Emily VanCamp), but because he still thinks “Amanda” (Margarita Levieva) is Amanda, he and his bloody lip busted into the Grayson’s dinner and put Victoria in her place.

The ending, as always, provided the biggest jolt. Emily returned home after her awkward dinner with the Graysons to find that, not only had someone been in her house, but they’d made their way into her secret floor compartment. She found her invitation to Victoria’s Fire and Ice Ball inside, with “Will Attend” checked off in her own red Sharpie!

We don’t know who broke into Emily’s house, but the minute she saw that note, I smelled weasel– aka Tyler (Ashton Holmes)!

But the episode wasn’t just a major turning point for many of the show’s characters. As a viewer, my perception of several characters — particularly Charlotte and “Amanda” — changed big time. I’ll be the first to admit I’d basically written them off as being forgettable, despite their relevance to the plot, but I’m pretty invested in them both now. Especially if Charlotte decides to booze it up like she appears to be. I loves me a train wreck.

Now give me YOUR thoughts on this week’s episode: Who do you think Broke into Emily’s house? And based on the previews for next week, do you think Daniel is really going to die? See you in the comments section!

— Andy Swift

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Posted at 4:05 AM on May 24, 2012  

i think tyler broke in. he will get shot on the beach, but not by emily. or amanda. or jack……hmmmm…… i think that MAYBE daniel could get shot too, but nno one said anything about DYING form getting shot, now DID they!!?!?!?

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Posted at 8:11 PM on February 9, 2012  

Ahhh I loved the wedding invites. They were beautiful. I don’t think it’s Tyler. Isn’t he in jail? I feel like it’s Amanda, the real Emily Thorne.

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Posted at 7:51 PM on February 9, 2012  

I think it could’ve been amanda that broke in, since she was PISSED at emily. Although it could also be tyler

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Posted at 1:37 PM on February 9, 2012  

Anyone notice that Emily’s hair was down when she cocked her gun [in the trailer] but up when she put it in her dress? Me thinks Emily kills someone…

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Posted at 2:32 AM on February 9, 2012  

As much as I want to like him, I feel like Daniel isn’t as innocent as he seems. Does he know more than we think he does?

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Posted at 12:17 AM on February 9, 2012  

I think Tyler broke into Emily’s house. He’s going to be stalking her next week at the party, and Jack is going to shoot him on the beach.

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Posted at 12:15 AM on February 9, 2012  

The note said “Miss Emily Thorne will attend”…..I think it is pretty obvious that the one who wrote the note, broke into the secret compartment, is the real Emily Thorne…..

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Posted at 8:41 AM on February 9, 2012  

Yes this.

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Posted at 3:17 PM on February 14, 2012  

I think Emily is a twin and the real Amanda is her twin who we haven’t seen yet. This explains the hair down and hair up. The real Amanda shot Daniel. Never thought there could be twins.

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