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Grandparents Of Powell Boys Call Josh Powell 'Cowardly And Desperate' On 'Today Show'

Tue, February 7, 2012 1:47pm EDT by HL Intern 3 Comments

On the Feb. 7th installment of the ‘Today Show,’ Susan Powell’s parents shared their heartache and the horrifying information their grandsons told them right before they were murdered in a Feb. 5th fire explosion caused by their father, Josh Powell.

“They’re innocent children killed by their father,” said an indignant Chuck Cox, calling what father Josh Powell did as a “cowardly and desperate act.” 

Judy Cox revealed that the two little boys had told her about the night their mother Susan Powell went missing. “They told me they went on a vacation in the desert with mommy and daddy, mommy and daddy left but only daddy came back,” she said.

According to Judy, grandson Braden Powell, 5, drew a picture in his preschool class which was used as a clue in their mothers disappearance. The picture was of a minivan with three people inside, which Braden said were of his father, his brother, Charlie, 7, and himself — with “mommy in the trunk.”

And that was the last time Judy and Chuck would ever see the little boys alive. After their visit, a social worker picked the boys up and brought them to their father’s house. Judy says that’s when Josh pushed the social worker out of the way and locked himself in the house with his sons. He had previously bought 10 gallons of gasoline and spread it throughout the house. The boys’ deaths were said to be caused by smoke inhalation but their head and necks had signs of being attacked by a hatchet.

Although the tragedy is immeasurable, Judy and Chuck are trying to cope as best as they can.

“We know where they are now; they are back with their mother,” Chuck said.