'Jane By Design' Recap: Jane Kisses Nick — Are They, Like, A Couple Now?

Tue, February 7, 2012 10:14pm EST by 5 Comments
Courtesy of ABC Family (2)

Plus, someone at Donovan Decker catches onto Jane’s little scheme! Is the jig up already?

Jane’s (Erica Dasher) two world collided in a big way on the Feb. 7 episode of Jane By Design when India (India de Beaufort) and Jeremy (Rowly Dennis) showed up at her school, determined to figure out her big secret. And while India may remain completely clueless after her little investigation, Jeremy is now all kinds of suspicious.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to stop people from judging his unique look, Billy (Nick Roux) ditched his faux-hawk and skinny jeans for a new style that Jane described as “preppy/douchey.” As much as I support people expressing themselves through fashion, I really hope he doesn’t go back. He looked damn good this week.

Speaking of looking damn good, Nick (Matthew Atkinson) finally told Jane that he liked her, sealing the deal with a kiss.

As a side note, I have to kid Jane some major kudos. She managed to solve her own problems this week without completely taking advantage of Billy and Ben (David Clayton Rogers). Maybe she’s not such a life ruiner after all!

— Andy Swift

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courtnee brown

Posted at 9:20 AM on February 22, 2012  

i dont think billy and lulu should fo ever gotten together and jane and nick are a very cute couple together but i also think that billy is starting to fall for jane just a tad bit but nick and billy nice job running from the adams hahahaha i could not stop laughing it was the best part of the show i think:) i love your guys show it makes me want to do thing i never would of been able to do i never use to wear skinnys now thats all i wear and im not afraid to show who i am or what talent i have all my friends love the way i sing and dance watching your guys show has made me show the real me theank you very much

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Brenda A

Posted at 3:31 PM on February 20, 2012  

I love this show, but it seems that everyone wants Jane and Billy to get together. How boring! Why can’t friends just be friends. With Lulu/Billy there was the friction between Jane and lulu with them both behaving because of Billy. Lulu even helped Jane (Paris show) because of her feelings for Billy. There’s Lulu’s dad that doesn’t know about Billy and Lu plus he’s overprotective. There’s Jane and Nick and Ben being his coach so Nick has to watch his back. There’s just so much good storytelling with them having their own separate relationships while they remain best friends. Plus it doesn’t seem as if Billy/Nick are going to be friends so more friction with Jane as referee. If Jane and Billy get together, look for boring and future cancellation of this show! I read that Tommy is going cause Billy to get in some trouble and end up in Judge Pope’s court. Maybe Lulu can work a miracle for her man. LOL

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Posted at 4:08 AM on February 8, 2012  

I hated Jane calling Billy preppy/douchey! They don’t automatically go together. When was he ever douchey? Never! And I don’t think she really solved her problems by herself. Ben got her those interviews, solving her job prob. And she did make Billy go out there and talk to India and throw her off the trail. The only thing Jane did was improvise that class speech, and she wasn’t very cool or clever about it, so I think India should still be suspicious.

I really hated the way Jane treated Ben in this episode. I’m glad Rita made him feel better about himself.

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Posted at 10:45 AM on February 8, 2012  

i agree with Val..ben and billy helped her AGAIN. and jane never seems like she appreciates their help. she’s become my least favorite character. i thought it was interesting that lulu supported what BILLY wanted by Jane was the one telling him to stay the same cuz that’s what she wanted.

also does anyone else find jane’s boss as annoying as i do? idk if im comparing her too much to Meryl Streep but Grey definitely tries to hard.

btw, my favorite subplot is with ben and rita :)

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Posted at 9:28 AM on February 22, 2012  

i think you guys are just saying that because you think billys hot ya he is but so what at least she was being honest to him instead of lying to him isnt that what friends are about honesty plus jane wouldnt tell him that if she didnt care about him and he only changed because of lulu like i always say if someone doesnt love you for who you are then they can keep walkin i wouldnt even bother trying with lulu anymore it abviously shows she doesnt care bout billy by not walking out with him at nicks party so she isnt really a good person to be dating and unlike most people billy stude up for his family unlike mine my brother would never do anything like that for me i think its just because im his younger sister thats all but i would do anything for my brother in a heart beat:) so back off janes back side she did the right thing

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