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Kim Kardashian Fled Marriage Because Terrified Of Commitment, Say Shrinks

Tue, January 31, 2012 11:55am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 36 Comments

Is Kim Kardashian a gigantic commitment-phobe who was ‘suffocated’ the moment she tied the knot? And if so, why didn’t her mother or sisters urge her to seek counseling? Experts weigh in.

Okay, let’s say we give to benefit of the doubt to Kim and buy into her “fairytale” explanation about her marriage i.e. she is a HUGELY unrealistic romantic and her marriage to Kris didn’t live up to her expectations.

Maybe, that’s true. But even so, if it is — then why didn’t Kris Jenner, Kourtney or Khloe EVER suggest to Kim that maybe, just maybe, she and Kris should get counseling or that maybe, even more important, that Kim is a commitment-phobe and needs counseling on her own.

Well, who knows what goes on in the savvy marketing minds of mama Kardashian and her daughters, but, MOST mothers and sisters would urge a newly married daughter or sister to get marriage counseling before throwing in the towel after 72 days.

And especially because Kim was exhibiting all the classic symptoms of a hardcore commitment-phobe on KKTNY.

Every time Kris Humphries attempts to talk to Kim about moving his belongings into her LA home which they’re supposed to share as newlyweds, Kim admits to having panic attacks.

“I just start to have these panic attacks inside.  I try to hold it in. I don’t want Kris to know how I’m feeling inside,” Kim reveals on camera.

“When I see all these boxes, I just start literally to have these panic attacks inside… I don’t think he should send all of these boxes to my house until we figure out what we’ll do,” she says later in the KKTNY finale episode.

“She definitely fears commitment,” believes psychologist, Dr. Jeff Gardere, of “Kris is trying to establish a home base by moving his stuff to her home in LA and she is not letting that happen.”

Celebrity relationship expert  Dr. Gilda Carle believes that Kim doesn’t just have a fear of commitment, but also of intimacy. “She doesn’t know how to be intimate with a guy and it bothers her that things are no longer just hers,” says Dr. Carle of

In fact, Kris suspects that his wife Kim ISN’T ready for intimacy too when he confronts her on the KKTNY finale as he’s trying to pack the boxes she doesn’t want shipped to her house.

“It’s true Kim, you’re not ready for someone in your life,” Kris tells Kim. Even Kourtney calls Kim a b**ch for being so unwilling to have Kris move his clothes to her LA home.

“She is emotionally detached from Kris, so she doesn’t know how to express things to Kris, or to care about his emotions,” believes Dr. Carle.

So is Kim’s fear of commitment and intimacy a result of getting married to the wrong man or will it happen with every man she ends up considering marrying?

In any case — if Kim didn’t enter into a “fake” marriage with Kris, then she really did owe it to herself and Kris to be more self-reflective and try and find out why she was rejecting the man she thought she loved.

Her mother and sister should have supported her in getting counseling, not in just finding the right divorce lawyer.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Tell me now!

— Bonnie Fuller

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