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'Jane By Design' Recap: Irresponsible Jane Gets Billy In Trouble — Again

Tue, January 31, 2012 10:44pm EDT by Andy Swift 15 Comments
Courtesy of ABC Family

Do you agree that Jane is taking advantage of the doormats in her life, or am I being too harsh?

Jane’s (Erica Dasher) entire life was turned upside down on the Jan. 31 episode of Jane By Design when she misplaced the Donovan Decker’s coveted look book — and when the dust settled, I was left asking myself one very important question: Why do the guys in Jane’s life continue to put up with all of her crap?

Join me as I go guy-by-guy, assessing the damage Jane has inflicted upon the gentlemen in her life.

Billy: The viewers are being led to believe that Billy (Nick Roux) and Jane’s friendship will eventually become more than platonic, but as it stands, he’s fully committed to Lulu (Meagan Tandy) — yet Billy was willing to take an entire week of detention as punishment for skipping class to help Jane find her missing book. Why should he suffer for her mistake? The worst part is that you could tell he didn’t want to leave class, but he could hear the panic in her voice, so he took pity on her. So she got a free trip to Paris, while he got a free trip to detention.

Jeremy: As Donovan Decker’s resident playboy, Jeremy (Rowly Dennis) has gone out of his way to avoid having “the talk” with India (India de Beaufort.) But when Jane needed to sneak into India’s office to search for the look book, she roped Jeremy into a hellish chat with the office minx. And correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s not like he already owed her a favor.

Ben: There’s only one thing preventing Ben (David Clayton Rogers) from gaining the respect of his students — and that obstacle’s name is Jane. Even though he begged her to put down the look book during gym class, she stood her ground, which pretty much killed his authority. Jane Quimby, emasculator extraordinaire!

In fact, the only guy in Jane’s life not putting up with her shenanigans is Nick (Matthew Atkinson), which automatically makes him my favorite. Rather than wait around, wondering why Jane isn’t giving him the time of day, he’s moved on to another girl — you know, one who actually tells him where she’s going when she leaves the room.

So tell me: Am I right on the money, or am I being way too harsh on Jane? See you in the comments section!

— Andy Swift

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