Ashton Kutcher Blocks Top Entertainment Editors From His Twitter

Tue, January 31, 2012 1:54pm EST by 12 Comments
Ashton Kutcher twitter

Ashton banned our own editor-in-chief Bonnie Fuller from his Twitter account, along with the executive editor of ‘Star’ and more — are you shocked?

Is Ashton Kutcher upset with Bonnie Fuller‘s opinions on his alleged cheating and blatant disregard for Demi Moore‘s breakdown? Bonnie has done nothing but exercise her right of free speech and that goes for other top journalists as well! Was it Bonnie’s recent Bonnie Says about how Demi shouldn’t do drugs in front of her kids that pushed him over the edge? was the first to point out that their own David Perel, and Star’s Dylan Howard were blocked from Ashton’s account. Ashton has 9.3 million followers and it looks as if he’s going through and blocking editors one by one.

“@aplusk is awfully sensitive these days…blocking entertainment journalists on Twitter and using a lawyer on the Demi situation,” David tweeted. “Sure @aplusk has banned @dylanshoward and me from following him, but we always had a lot more fun with Charlie anyway! #winning.”

Star was the one to reveal Ashton’s affair with 23-year-old Sara Leal on the eve of his sixth wedding anniversary and they broke his affair with Brittney Jones.

We were the first to point out that Ashton changed his Twitter profile picture to black on Jan. 30, perhaps indicative of how he’s feeling right now? Demi was rushed to the hospital on Jan. 23 after she allegedly overdosed on a street drug called  whip-its.

– Chloe Melas

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שערים חשמליים

Posted at 9:17 PM on April 29, 2012  

I really like it whenever people come together and share thoughts. Great website, continue the good work!

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Posted at 11:22 PM on February 3, 2012  

“Top Editors” and Bonnie Fuller shouldn’t be in the same sentence, just saying. Bonnie isn’t a reporter, she’s just a gossip like everyone else on this website

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Posted at 12:43 PM on February 1, 2012  

Um maybe you were blocked because your “free speech” bordered on libel from time to time? At any time when you were blaming his ALLEGED (and I say alleged since an OPEN MARRIAGE means its not cheating if its agreed to beforehand) for Demi’s drug fueled stupidity did it even occur to you to mention HER cheating as well? Or possibly mentioning that she had drug problems YEARS before she even met and married Ashton? Since you “found out” about Sara Leal, does the name Ben Hollingsworth ring a bell to you? Since Demi ALLEGEDLY cheated on Ashton with Ben? No? Oh, I guess you really dont bother checking for facts for EVERY story you break right? Are you ever going to mention that Demi has ALLEGEDLY been hitting on her own daughters boyfriend too?

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Posted at 11:07 PM on January 31, 2012  

I love the way we have to constantly listen to his virtuous “being” via twitter about all the good things he’s doing or feeling, but declines, runs and hides, about all the sleazy things he’s doing. Another Hollywood perv.

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Posted at 10:11 PM on January 31, 2012  

Yes! you have the right to say wathever you want.. And HE has the RIGHT to block whoever HE wants from his twitter account.. Ustedes son unos morbosos, and I think I’m one too because I continue reading this blog. Whatever, if you where in this situation you would have blocked yourselves too!!.. And that Star magazine isn’t trustworthy either

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Posted at 7:26 PM on January 31, 2012  

I thought one of the requirements of being a journalist was to be ETHICAL. If I’m not mistaken, the last time I checked, gossip columnist Don’t have any Ethics.

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Posted at 9:01 PM on January 31, 2012  


you just need to read a few “articles” on here to realise that this is merely a gossip monger’s blog. there is no objectivity in any “article”. it’s just a never ending series of rants.

bonnie tries way too hard to sound like a 12 y.o. with an attitude. if she were a real journalist she would have figured out the real meaning behind the black profile pic.

@chloe melas:
no i’m not shocked that he blocked bonnie. i’m shocked that he let her on his list in the first place :S

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Posted at 6:12 PM on January 31, 2012  

Considering this site is trashy gossip fodder for the housewife set, I’d say you deserved it. Besides I’m tired of this site cluttering up my “news” feed on IMDB.

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Posted at 5:13 PM on January 31, 2012  

Hollywood Life is fun, but it’s a gossip site. It’s not like Bonnie is some serious journalist in the front line of news. Take the chill pill Bonnie. A diet from gossip is always a good thing. Even for villains.

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Mona Jolie

Posted at 5:10 PM on January 31, 2012  


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Extra Extra

Posted at 2:54 PM on January 31, 2012  

Nope, Bonnie hasn’t done anything wrong but do her job in regards to Ashton kutcher..But sometimes, People don’t want to face their truth..much less read about it.

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Posted at 2:37 PM on January 31, 2012  

good for Ashton…

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