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'KKTNY' Never Managed To Turn Kris Humphries Into The Husband From Hell

Mon, January 30, 2012 4:09pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 40 Comments

Reports that ‘KKTNY’ would be re-edited to portray Kris Humphries as a mega-villain were either just plain wrong, or it simply was impossible to paint Kris as a horror husband .

Now that we’ve seen the KKTNY finale, we know the worst accusation that can truly be revealed about Kris Humphries as a husband was that he was clueless or shall we say “klueless?”

Even though Khloe Kardashian comforts a supposedly distraught Kim over her marriage in a phone call in the finale by telling her “everyone knows how badly he treats you,” there’s absolutely no evidence to support that statement.

Kris’s crimes in no way add up to treating Kim badly. If anything, it’s Kim who has treated Kris badly by not being emotionally honest about how she feels with him for weeks as the show progresses.

Kris is not guilty of any of the biggies that would merit being dumped, then blindsided with divorce papers in the press before he even knew he was being divorced.

#1:  He never cheated! He never ever glanced at another woman, as far as we ever could see for the entire time he was married.

The one instance when he went to a club without Kim was for a paid public appearance, and he spent most of his time babysitting Scott Disick to make sure he didn’t drink too much.

The other time women even came close to him was when he and Scott threw a small party in their Gansevoort Hotel suite when Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were out of town on business. Now, of course, the party was filmed for E! cameras, so it was hardly behind Kim’s back — and there was definitely no funny business going on!

#2: He was never physically, verbally or emotionally abusive to Kim! Hands down– none of this went on.

He never played games with her head. If anything, he was an open book! Most of the time, Kris looked like a little in-love puppy dog, just waiting for Kim to throw him some bones of affection. Every time she confronted Kris about an issue she was having, Kris agreed to do better.

After Kim finally told him she was unhappy in the finale, and that she felt “dead inside,” he softly responded, “I’ve been so worried about staying in shape because of basketball — and it is important — but I’ve got to make it a priority to spend more time with you; you’re a priority with me.”

Since Kris didn’t cheat on or abuse Kim, he’s not a “villain” per se. The most that Kim can toss at him is that “he’s annoying.” She finds him annoying when he clinks his glass at their “romantic” dinner at STK restaurant in NYC — in front of the KKTNY cameras.

But if every woman who found her husband “annoying” from time to time got a divorce, NO ONE would ever stay married! Who gets a divorce over being a little annoyed after just 72 days?

She also didn’t like when Kris disapproved of her meeting with medium John Edward to contact her late father, Robert Kardashian, from beyond the grave.

“It makes me not want to share the details about it with him,” she tells an assistant.

Nor, does she like it when they take a Pilates session together and she complains that it’s hard !

“I’m trying to get a good workout in, and Kim, you’re killing me,” Kris nudges her.

“Well, I’m never working out with you ever again,” Kim retorts and storms off.

So is there any other “divorce-able evidence” against Kris that we see in the show? More examples of how he’s treating Kim badly as Khloe says?

Well, he is annoying to Jonathan Cheban — questioning his sexuality— but we don’t know if that episode was set up for drama, and if Kris merely “played” his part.

In any case, Kris simply can’t be tarred with the husband from hell label, that celebrity newsweeklies used to describe him.

No, but he did come across as increasingly confused by the emotional coolness and distance of the woman he married and was still in love with.

It was actually heartbreaking to watch Kim basically shoot an arrow through his heart, when she was asked by Kourtney:  “What was the peak of living here in NYC?” at the end of the show, and Kim replied:  “I loved seeing Mason every day.”

You could literally see the hurt in Kris’ eyes. When he responded to Kim, it was to say: “I wanted Kim’s to be –- living with my husband, but she just made mine change.”

Are those really the words of a villain?

— Bonnie Fuller

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