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Kara Janx's 'Project Runway All-Stars' Recap: The Most Stressful Challenge Ever

Fri, January 27, 2012 11:05am EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis Add first Comment
project runway all-stars recap kara janx

Designer Kara Janx recaps last night’s episode for us, where the designers were told to design a look for supermodel Miranda Kerr in ONLY six hours! Get Kara’s first-hand, behind-the-scenes reaction!

I have sworn off gelato for life! We are asked to choose a gelato flavor, taste it, get a fabric swatch and design a garment inspired by it all in 6 HOURS! 6 hours — I could go shopping in Nieman Marcus for 6 hours and still find nothing to wear! What are there people thinking, or at the least what the HELL am I going to do with a dark chocolate swatch and a throat on fire?

We are sent running, (this being the operative word), to a mini version of Mood. By mini, I mean miniscule: FANTASTIC! With 5.5 hours left and not enough time to cut and sew or sew and cut, designers resort to talking a lot about each other’s garments, (when did this become a TREND?). I know you can see the pandamonium, maybe even feel it, times that by 1000 or 4 hours and you have a much better idea of what we are going through.

Cutting to the last 10 minutes, we are finally sent off to show our colors on the runway. Mondo’s ca(ftan)taolupe is beautiful, Michael’s gorgeous grapefruit confection left our mouth’s watering and Mila’s is a confusing mix of red and white — don’t get this one, but all three are in the top. Sad to say Myself, Anthony, (which we all thought was in the top), and April, (inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate (funny) Factory), did a blueberry dress, like Viola she exploded. I can’t say the judging made me jump for joy, but I did jump into the arms of my fav Anthony — Amen! We both live to tell another tale from the inside. Michael wins again-master-congrats. Do me a favor next time you go to sleep, dream of making a dress — you have 6 hours to make your dreams come true…GOODNIGHT and good luck!

-Kara Janx

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