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Kim Kardashian Confesses She Failed At Marriage, But Still Hasn't Spoken To Kris Humphries

Fri, January 27, 2012 12:17pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 14 Comments

In the finale episode — how convenient — Kim dramatically breaks down admitting that she has ruined Kris’ life, but she NEVER even refers to him by name — just calls him “this guy.”

How removed is that. Totally emotionally removed. Kim is so disconnected from her husband that as she tearfully tells sister Kourtney and Scott Disick that she has “wasted everyone’s time and money” with her wedding, she only refers to him as “this guy” repeatedly.

“I met this guy from Minnesota. I feel awful I made him move out here, change his whole life. I feel bad for the guy,” she sobs tearlessly.

Does anyone else think it’s weird that she NEVER even refers to Kris by name — he’s just “this guy” or “the guy” to her.

It makes the whole Kris/Kim relationship seem even less real than ever.

Then when Kim insists that Kris is “everything on paper that I always wanted. He’s got a good heart. He’s a Christian, but my heart isn’t connecting,” it totally sounds like she picked him as a “husband” for his resume, not because they genuinely fell in love.

But at least she’s finally admitting that she feels “bad” for “the guy.” It’s the first time she’s expressed any empathy at all in the entire season of KKTNY for Kris and how he might be feeling.

She starts off the “scene” complaining that Kris — horrors — actually wants to move 10 or 15 boxes into her house in LA, AND she has told him that she has “no room.”

Hmm! We’ve seen Kim’s house — it’s certainly big enough to fit a few boxes from a husband. But of course, Kim has been passively aggressively telling Kris, she has no room in her heart for him or his boxes, without ever addressing her feelings to his face.

No, instead, we’ve watched her give him the cold shoulder and criticize him repeatedly in the past few episodes of KKTNY.

She’s confessed to her mother and Khloe before this that she made a mistake in marrying Kris and yet she has NEVER come clean to Kris — meanwhile the cameras have been rolling so that Kris Humphries is only finding out now how his wife fell “out of love” with him, along with the audience.

Now conveniently in the KKTNY finale, Kim has her breakdown scene after Scott confronts her about complaining that Kris is getting ready to move his boxes into her LA house.

“You do realize you’re married,” he points out to her.

That gives her the opportunity for her emotional breakdown and to tell us how bad she feels that she invited “all these people to this huge wedding” and that she made “a mistake.”

The question is: when will she finally reveal her “mistake” to “the guy” it matters most to — her husband, whose name is Kris, in case she forgets!

— Bonnie Fuller

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