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'One Tree Hill' Recap: Tragedy Strikes Brooke & Julian's Baby

Wed, January 25, 2012 10:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

More trouble for Brooke & Julian’s family! Haven’t these two been through enough?

It looks like Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) has been having a tough time at the diner ever since her chef, Chef Jeff, quit to work at the new “gourmet” restaurant across the street. (Man, Tree Hill really is a small town.) And the infamous Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton) was there to save the day on the Jan. 25 episode of One Tree Hill — if only he could cook! Dan Scott (Paul Johansson) can cook, but unfortunately, it didn’t sit well with the customers that a murderer is cooking their food, leading several to walk out of the diner.

But the most surprising moment of that scene wasn’t the outspoken lady who refused to eat the food; it was the fact that Haley actually stood up for Dan. (Wow. Did that really happen?) And now that Nathan (James Lafferty) is back in town, he doesn’t like Dan is in his home, holding his daughter. Despite objections and sad faces from Jamie (Jackson Brundage), Nathan asked his father to leave. Still, it seems like Dan will be sticking around Tree Hill and deceiving the Scott family for a bit longer.

Meanwhile, Clay (Robert Buckley) was still sleepwalking this week, and literally walked away from his prescription medication. His doctor advised him to see a psychiatrist, but Clay said that if he does, that makes him crazy. Quinn did her best to convince him otherwise (and honestly, I don’t think it takes too much effort. I mean, have you seen Shantel VanSanten?!) Since Quinn was worried about Clay, she put a tracking device on his phone and followed him, where she caught Clay buying drugs that he claims are painkillers he needs since he ran out after being shot. (Hasn’t it been a while since that happened? Also, Quinn was shot too and she seems to be doing just fine. So toughen up, Clay!)

Chase (Stephen Colletti) has gone into depression mode since Alex (Jana Kramer) left him to go on tour, thanks to Chris Keller. (Seriously, this guy is everywhere!) Chris tried to get Chase’s mind off of Alex by taking him to a strip club. It’s the least he could do, right?

And then there was Mouth (Lee Norris) and Millie (Lisa Goldstein). Mouth can’t fit into his clothes anymore, and this week, he accused Millie of shrinking them — which led to Millie calling him fat on national television. She apologized, but I don’t think she really meant it; she just wants Mouth to stop eating. I hope this storyline picks up in future episodes!

Finally, what I believe to be the purpose of this entire episode, Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Julian (Austin Nichols). She was looking super-hot in her outfit for her golf date with her dad, but it turned out he was all business and was just trying to help fund Baker Man. This upset Brooke, because she just wants some quality time with her father.

Meanwhile, Julian was busy trying to rent out his sound stage and finally, someone is interested. Since Jude was coming down with a fever, Brooke asked Julian if he could take Davis to daycare before his meeting. On the way, Julian stopped to pick up some scotch for the meeting, but he left Davis in the car — and when he got back, he saw Davis being carried off on a stretcher! Not to downplay Julian’s feelings, but Brooke has been through hell and back, and now this?! I can’t handle it.

— Jaymie Bailey