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Justin Theroux To Jennifer Aniston: Please Give Me A Second Chance To Propose

Wed, January 25, 2012 11:15am EDT by 13 Comments
Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux

Justin is ‘terrified that he’s going to lose’ Jen if he doesn’t give her a ring soon, an insider reveals.

Jennifer Aniston thought that she would be engaged to her boyfriend Justin Theroux by now, but Justin has yet to get down on one knee. Now Jen is fearful that Justin isn’t the right man for her. But Justin is trying, and willing, to do anything to not lose her including desperately searching for a more than perfect ring.

“It’s been a nightmare few weeks for Jen,” an insider tells OK! magazine. “She is beside herself with disappointment. Not only did she not get a ring, she barely got anything [for Christmas]! Jen’s looking at the relationship with a lot more caution now.”

Justin’s moody behavior and controlling demeanor are only causing Jen to question him more. “He’s moody, he’s controlling and he’s uncommunicative,” explains the insider. “Jen was starting to feel like she’d been suckered again.”

But Justin swears he’s going to change so that Jen won’t leave him. “He’s freaked out — terrified that he’s going to lose her,” continues the insider. “Justin’s promised to not be so controlling of her, to give her space.”

And he’s also going to ask her to marry him as soon as possible. “Justin’s been to Tiffany’s, Cartier and Harry Winston trying to find the perfect [ring],” says the insider. “He’s not planning to just get down on one knee and say, ‘Will you marry me?’ He’s planning an epic showcase to make up for acting like such a jerk.”

“He’s promised to change and basically give her anything and everything she wants,” adds the insider.

But Jen isn’t convinced. “She doesn’t want a conciliatory proposal,” notes the insider. “She wants it done the right way, not as an apology.”

“Jen’s taking Justin back but doesn’t want to go through the same thing she did with Brad [Pitt] — stuck with an insensitive partner who’s just going through the motions until they drift apart,” says the insider. “Jen won’t stand for being messed around with anymore.”

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