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Kim Kardashian: If You Truly Loved Kris Humphries, Then Why Did You Divorce Him?

Tue, January 24, 2012 2:10pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 66 Comments

Kim, you insisted to Kelly Ripa on ‘Live! with Kelly’ on Jan. 23, that you truly loved Kris and that you tried everything to make marriage work — but that can’t be true.

Kim — if you truly loved Kris Humphries when you married him on Aug. 20 2011, then there’s no way that you could have fallen out of love just a few weeks later.

That’s not how love works. True love is a much stronger, deeper emotion than that. It doesn’t just exist for a couple of months — enough time to get engaged and married — then go puft — as soon as you start to live together and film a reality show.

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Yes, infatuation, can disappear within a matter of months, especially, if you were infatuated simply with the idea of a wedding, more than an actual person.But real love doesn’t dissolve into simply not caring, at all, 72 days later. 

Furthermore, you declared to Kelly that you tried “everything” to save your marriage within that 72 days, but again, Kim — you know that’s impossible.

Remember — you filmed a reality show virtually from the beginning of your marriage. In the first couple of episodes you were gung ho to get pregnant and start a family with Kris — so you must have still been happily married at that point.

Then, all of a sudden Kris was starting to “annoy” you, you needed to take a “sister” weekend away from Kris. You were upset that he went to Toronto to make a public appearance without your approval.

Before that you were miffed that he has a small party in your hotel suite when you weren’t there. Then you were off to Dubai — alone — on business where you confided in your mother that you weren’t happy in your marriage — it was OVER!

So where did the trying everything to save your marriage come in? At what point were you truly trying to work out your issues and problems with Kris? When did you even tell him how you felt about him and the marriage? When did you get counseling?

What in fact, were your real problems with Kris? We never saw him being that difficult or unloving on the show? We did not see you trying to control him. We saw you disapprove of him every time he did anything independent of you. But he was never malicious. He never cheated. In fact, we never saw him look at another woman.

We did see him being puzzled or hurt by your cold behavior to him and his sister, Kaela.

So we’re not quite buying into your statement that you “tried everything” in 72 days, to make your marriage work. Seventy – two days in itself is NOT a long time to make any marriage work, and especially one that is being filmed for a reality show.

It’s also not a long time to fall out of love with a person that you really did love when you said your wedding vows. And to coldly serve them divorce papers when you were thousands of miles apart. If you had had any feelings left for Kris, at all then you would have handled the split far differently.

Didn’t he deserve more consideration because of your past feelings at least, when you split. Was it really fair to off load him by filing divorce papers without his knowledge, allow them to be leaked to the press, and then leaving for Australia, the very same day?

Is that any way to treat someone that you once loved… 72 days ago?

— Bonnie Fuller

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