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'It's A Brad, Brad World': Ashton Kutcher Makes An Appearance

Tue, January 24, 2012 12:39pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 2 Comments
it's a brad brad world brad goreski

Brad argued with his boyfriend, consulted with Ashton and headed down to Alabama with his new assistant, Lindsay, all in last night’s episode!

On last night’s episode of It’s A Brad, Brad World, Brad Goreski finally found an office space, thanks to his new assistant Lindsay — hey, she may not be able to drive, but she mastered her first task! Now that Brad is getting ready to move his ‘work space’ out of the garage and into a real office, he rewarded Lindsay by inviting her along on a trip to Alabama, to Billy Reid‘s barbecue– not a bad way to celebrate your first week on the job!

Before heading off to Alabama, Brad goes to style Demi Moore. Although Demi isn’t present on the show, we do encounter her then-husband Ashton Kutcher.

Speaking of trouble in paradise, we watched while Brad and Gary got into a heated argument over throwing a party for their 10th anniversary — luckily, the couple make up and Brad is off to Alabama!

While in Alabama, Brad tells Lindsay not to eat a lot before heading over to Billy Reid‘s barbecue — but then they both can’t get enough of the Southern fare. Luckily, Brad is convinced he’s sweating out the calories as he inhales them. “The only thing that is registering in my brain is how boiling it is, how much I’m sweating and how my sweat probably smells like ribs.”

Brad wears a short-sleeved plaid button-down and dances around in front of a camera for director Jake Davis before his assistant finds herself in front of the lens, dancing and twirling in nothing more than a bikini and a sailor hat — this clearly doesn’t sit well with Brad.

While the stylist looks extremely bothered by Lindsay, he jokes around affectionately, calling her a slut before they both go for a swim. As predicted, Lindsay definitely adds some humor, fun and drama into the mix — and it looks like her and Brad do work well together, even if she isn’t the best driver!

Katrina Mitzeliotis