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Demi Moore : You Can't Let Ashton's Cheating Drag You Down

Tue, January 24, 2012 8:02pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 10 Comments
Ashton Kutcher Cheating

Demi – you were rushed to the hospital last night, Jan 23, reportedly for substance abuse  and this is so terribly sad. You can’t let Ashton’s immature and irresponsible behavior make you feel unworthy of love or life. You ARE terrific no matter what happened in your marriage!

Demi– please don’t think that you aren’t beautiful, talented and loveable because your estranged husband didn’t appreciate his marriage or you. You can’t let him define you.

Ashton is the one who is unworthy because he didn’t honor his wedding vows when he partied and allegedly bedded blonde Sara Leal, 23,  in San Diego on your  6th wedding anniversary. YOU are one of the most gifted and iconic actresses in Hollywood. Your husky voice is sexy and distinctive, you look at least 10 years younger than your biological age of 49, you’re a talented director, you’ve been a producer AND you’re also  a very important mother of three young women, who NEED you.

Your value is in who you are. Just because Ashton was too young to have made a lifetime commitment and you had to file for divorce doesn’t mean that you should punish yourself, by allegedly abusing drugs. You don’t serve to be punished in any way. You need to get help instead with the depression and possibly anxiety that are dragging you down. You’ve reached out for help before. In the 80’s you were treated in rehab for cocaine addiction. You beat your demons before and you can beat them again.

It has certainly looked like the disintegration of your marriage has taken a huge toll on you in the past couple of months. You are pale and skinny as a rail. You were already punishing yourself by not eating. Now you’ve gone a big step further and this is clearly a cry for help.

We at hope that your family and close friends rally around you and reassure you that you are valuable and that they help you get as much therapy as necessary so you can recover your self esteem. Just please believe us – YOU are not a problem. If Ashton was willing to toss his marriage away,  HE has a problem.

Get better Demi- we’re rooting for you!

— Bonnie Fuller

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