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'White Girl Problems' Book: Exclusive Excerpt

Mon, January 23, 2012 5:43pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 1 Comment
white girl problems babe walker

Get a sneak peek of Babe Walker’s highly anticipated book, ‘White Girl Problems’ — in this chapter she winds up at Snoop Dogg’s party.

You might be familiar with the term White Girl Problems if you’re one of Babe Walker’s 600,000 twitter followers (and counting) — or maybe you’re one of many who can’t wait to devour her soon-to-be released memoir, White Girl Problems. Either way, if you’re a fan of the privleged girl with a slew of celeb friends, you won’t want to miss this exclusive excerpt from her book. Read on to find out how Babe juggled her boyfriend and a Snoop Dogg party — all in one night.

“Chapter #7: I’m too pretty to be crying right now”

It was Saturday night, the summer after my first year of college. I had a birthday party to go to, and the guest list con- sisted of rappers, rappers’ sons, rappers’ sons’ girlfriends and friends, video vixens, and old Jewish managers. It was going to be a huge party, and I was totally in the mood to grind like a snake and dance to some real hip-hop music. I had given some serious thought to how I could reconfigure my entire look for this party, because it wasn’t in the right place to be going to this type of event. I was inhabiting the world of Chanel-at-the-turn-of-the- decade, when I needed to be on a private jet to Roberto Cavalli– land. It would not be okay for me to just roll up to Snoop Dogg’s birthday party in my black Mercedes E350 Coupe wearing a blazer and skinny jeans. I needed to amp it up with a backless dress and an event-appropriate hairstyle, driving an enormous car. I had my concept for the night’s look and I was married to it. The End.

I texted Carter, my boyfriend at the time, to see if I could take his car because it was this monstrous Cadillac SUV thing that was so fucking big, oh my God you would die if you saw this car. So rude.

Babe 4:59PM Don’t plan on using your car tonight. I need it for a meeting.
Babe 5:00PM It’s really important, and I’m like, crazy busy organizing everything right now, so I’ll explain later. Love you.
Carter 5:10PM No can do beautiful. boys nite 2nite
Babe 5:11PM a) don’t ever call me beautiful again, it’s offensive and b) what do you mean by boys night? like what is that supposed to mean to me? I don’t want to start a fight, just wondering
Babe 5:23PM Fine. you go on boys night, but let me take the car
Carter 5:25PM Sweet, I’ll just drink more if I don’t have to drive. Will u give me a beej on the way?
Babe 7:45PM Unclear. Pick me up at 9.
Carter 7:46PM k
He picked me up at my house, and I dropped him off at drinks or whatever he was doing with his buffoon friends. Carter’s friends were the worst type of trustafarians. So loud. So smelly. I told him I would text him later, and that was that.

-Babe Walker

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