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Kim Kardashian Decides To Divorce Kris Humphries After She Gets Permission From Her Late Father

Mon, January 23, 2012 10:54am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 53 Comments

Did Robert Kardashian give permission to Kim to end her marriage, from beyond the grave? And do Kim and Kourtney treat their men so badly because they don’t measure up to their dad?

All during last night, Jan. 22nd’s episode, Kim Kardashian is obsessed with trying to contact her dad through a session with medium John Edwards. She understandably misses her dad and coincidentally (or is it?) the day that she and Kourtney finally meet with John is eight years to the day after their father passed away from cancer.

Then when they meet John Edwards he tells Kim that while her father doesn’t believe in divorce, he thinks that if she learned from it, then it’s OK.

Boom! Kim Kardashian has been given what she’s looking for — permission from the person she respects most, to do what she wants — divorce her husband Kris Humphries.

I think she realized very shortly after she married Kris that he couldn’t measure up to the best man that she ever knew — her father, Robert.

And how could Kris, a young basketball player ever hold a candle to Robert Kardashian, one of the most accomplished defense attorneys in the U.S. Hey, the man was able to get his best friendO.J. Simpson, acquitted of murder.

But Kim couldn’t take the last step of saying with finality, after only weeks of married life, that she didn’t want to be married to Kris, until after she “contacted” her father through the medium.

Meanwhile, Kris never stood a chance to please his wife and he seems in this episode to have all but given up on the marriage, too.

Kim is so focused on herself and distant from Kris that she even disses his poor unsuspecting sister Kaela who makes the mistake of visiting the newlyweds in NYC.

Kris is relieved to finally see a friendly face after living with a hotel suite full of hostile Kardashians, but he is quickly embarrassed by Kim’s rudeness to his sister.

Kim refuses to spend time with Kaela because she is having “so many issues with Kris” that she is going to find it hard “to put on a happy face.”

Instead, she avoids Kaela and makes her feel so unwelcome that she cus her trip short.

Kim’s excuse is that Kris didn’t warn her that Kaela was coming and so she couldn’t possibly fit her into her busy schedule.

But Kris rightfully calls her out on that excuse and says: “you make time for Khloe and your mom… everyone else. I’m sure she’ll (Kaela) get over your too busy for everyone attitude.”

Kris is also upset about Kim contacting her dead dad through a medium, maybe because he suspects that Kim is comparing him unfavorably to her father — and his disapproval drives an even bigger wedge between them.

Meanwhile, Kourtney keeps up her campaign to put down Scott Disick.

It’s so ironic that Kourtney has chosen to partner and have children with a man who is the direct opposite of her ambitious, successful father.

Scott is as professionally unfocused as her father was driven. What does he do besides starring in Kardashian shows anyway?

Now, Kourtney seems to take her unspoken anger about her own decision to be involved with Scott, out on him.

This week she puts down Scott’s urgent desire to have a portrait or photograph done of the two of them since they have no pictures of themselves together.

Kourtney tells Scott that family photographs are “cheesy” and she refuses to display them in their home. Then when he tries to appease her by having their portrait painted instead, she tries to deface the painting by having his eyebrows drawn as a unibrow, and she refuses to hang the painting.

In last week’s episode she made fun of Scott for trying to learn to play the piano — he can do no right!

Although Kourtney later apologizes to Scott for being so insensitive about the painting — something Kris points out — she complains when Scott kisses her, she calls him annoying and tells him he’s disgusting in bed because he didn’t get a pedicure.

Poor Scott — like Kris — he’s no match for Robert Kardashian. And so Kourtney like Kim belittles her man.

And you have to wonder if the medium, John Edwards, had delivered a different message to Kim, would she have decided NOT to divorce Kris after 72 days?

What do you think HollywoodLifers? Did Kim move to divorce Kris so quickly because she thought she had her late father’s approval? Tell me what you think!

— Bonnie Fuller


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