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'KKTNY' Recap: Kim Kardashian Tells Kourtney She Wants A Divorce

Sun, January 22, 2012 11:56pm EDT by Chloe Melas 32 Comments

After seemingly getting permission from her late father Robert Kardashian, after a session with psychic John Edward, Kim finally admits to Kourtney that her marriage is over … but she has yet to tell Kris!

Kim Kardashian wants a divorce! The Jan. 22 episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York finally shows us just how unhappy Kim is in her marriage with Kris Humphries. It’s just unfortunate how she’s telling the camera and not her husband!

Kris tells Kim that his sister Kaela Humphries is coming to visit, and Kim couldn’t have been less excited. Kim tells Kris that she won’t have much time to hang out with them because of all of her work commitments. Kris responds: “Why don’t you spend the ten minutes you spend with me with her.”

This is one of the few times that Kris has actually been honest about his feelings. We’ve known all along that Kim hasn’t been very good at expressing her feelings to Kris. Kris clearly realizes there’s a problem and it sounds like he’s willing to work things out — he even wants Kim to hang out with his family. But instead, Kim would rather distance herself from Kris and his family. She tells Kourtney that she doesn’t want Kaela to “catch wind” that things aren’t going well in their marriage.

Kaela calls Kim multiple times so that they can hang out but Kim just tells her she’s busy. Finally Kaela gets so upset that she packs her bags and leaves several days early — we don’t blame her. Kim was absolutely childish and mean!

Meanwhile, Kim decides to meet with the famous psychic medium John Edward. He comes to their NYC pad and tells Kim that her father is with her always. John brings up intimate jokes and moments that Kim and Kourtney shared with their father to prove that he’s the real deal. He mentions a joke about a tooth, scar and even tells them that someone in the family is about to have a baby. Now we all know that Kourtney gets pregnant shortly after this episode was taped — crazy!!!

But the most emotional moment is when John tells Kim that her father wants to remind her of when he helped her through her first divorce. John tells Kim that her father wants her to remember “what she learned” from that experience. This makes Kim believe that her father has giving Kim his blessing on her divorcing Kris. Kim says her dad knows she has been thinking about this for a while and believes it’s a sign.

Next, Kim breaks down crying and tells Kourtney that her marriage to Kris is over and she wants a divorce. It’s great that Kim is being honest with her feelings but shouldn’t she be talking about this first with her husband?

By the looks of next week’s preview, it sounds like Kim is going to tell Kris it’s over!

Tune in next week for an all-new episode!

— Chloe Melas

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