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'One Tree Hill' Season 9: Stephen Colletti Promises 'No More Tighty Whities'

Tue, January 17, 2012 5:28pm EDT by Andy Swift Add first Comment
Courtesy of The CW

Stephen tells to expect the ‘unexpected’ from Tree Hill’s favorite ‘bar manager’ in season nine.

One Tree Hill fans saw a lot of Stephen Colletti on the show’s ninth season premiere — like, almost all of him — but he assures that the best is yet to come. Not only is Chase diving into a full-on bromance with Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton), but in just a few short weeks we’ll also get our answer to the all-important question: What was Chase doing in the back of a police car?!

“You’re going to find out in a few episodes,” Stephen tells us. “I was thrown for a loop when I first read the episode and found out how [Chase] ends up there. Let’s just say you shouldn’t jump to easy assumptions.”


Read on for more scoop from Stephen…

I’m not going to let you go without asking about the tighty whities. My question is: Will there be more?

“No more tighty whites! Well, we’ll see, actually. I can’t answer that. It’ll be a cliffhanger. … That was a special day on set. It was one of those moments where everything seemed funny on paper, but then I’m sitting on the end of the bed with 40 or 50 crew guys around me, mostly men. (Hashtag: Career milestone.) We rolled with that scene, but when we had the scenes with Chase and Alex [Jana Kramer] getting frisky in bed, we decided to switch over to basketball shorts. Thank God.”

What about Chase and Chris Keller? We were promised a bromance, but you guys weren’t exactly getting along on the premiere.

“The ‘Cheller’ bromance is a love/hate relationship that we develop along the way. It’ll take the fans for a fun ride. Having Tyler back — and I never got to work with him originally — is really exciting. We hit it off right away. He’s one of those people who, right away, you feel like you have a connection with. I haven’t experienced a bromance before, so it’s great having him around.”

I understand Chelsea Kane will also be popping up in Tree Hill this season. You’ve met her before, yes?

[Laughs.] “Yes, once or twice.”

How was it having her around to work with?

“Oh, it was great. We’re shooting in North Carolina, so to have your girlfriend on the same coast as you is a good thing. She hit it off with [creator] Mark Schwahn right away. I thought it’d be fun if we only saw each other in one little scene, but we see each other a little more than people expect. She opens up the rival coffee shop across the street, so she plays the villain, but there’s an unexpected connection people will soon find out.”

Lastly, Chase is a pretty easygoing guy — but what will his biggest struggle be this season?

“As general as it sounds, it’s literally his entire life. Whether it’s his relationship side or his friendships or his career, he struggles with all of the above. Defining that for himself is his struggle, and that’s continuous throughout the season.”

Now that you’ve heard what Stephen has to say about season nine, it’s time to tell me what YOU want from Chase on the show’s final episodes: An engagement with Alex? A bar of his very own? More tighty whities? Drop me a comment with your biggest wish for Chase.

— Andy Swift

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