Fans Should Stop Booing Kris Humphries!

Tue, January 17, 2012 4:12pm EST by 35 Comments

Poor Kris Humphries! His personal love problems have followed him to the basketball court, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be dribbling away any time soon. Plus,’s editor-in-chief calls out more outrageous celebs!

Basketball fans — you need to leave Kris Humphries alone! It’s time for him to move on from this unfortunate glitch in his life, and he can’t do that if he is being booed every time he’s on the court– AT WORK! Yelling “pre-nup” must be extremely humiliating for Kris! Fans NEED to leave him alone!

But Kris isn’t the only ex who has been publicly humiliated this week. Kelsey Grammer felt that it was OK to publicly announce at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards what “a magnificent year” it has been ever since he left his ex-wife, Camille Grammer! Ouch!

These celebrities REALLY need to keep their dirty laundry at home! Don’t you agree, HollywoodLifers?

Watch the video above as‘s editor-in-chief Bonnie Fuller wags her finger at this week’s outrageous celebs and let us know what YOU think!

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Posted at 11:31 PM on January 29, 2012  

Fans are just letting him know how they feel about him. He did everything he could to alienate Kim. They could have made a cute couple. You don’t treat your mate like that. Big Bully!!

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Posted at 7:02 PM on January 22, 2012  

Ha! If anyone should get Boo’d it should be Kim! She was here (where I live)what a SNOB!! She puts down this lavish Lake community and says she would NEVER live here? Good!! We don’t want you.. Like Kris said, in 5 years no-one will remember you, he’s right.. But people WILL remember Kris! He is so much better off!

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Posted at 12:17 PM on January 22, 2012  

Kris you Are better off without kim she is a spoil bratt even thou i like watching there show leave kris alone fans move on angelina jolie really need to take care of herself and stop looking at jennifer brad lOoks so old sense he’s been with you jennifer looks so good because she take care of her body stop being so selfish angelina grow up your beauty is. Fding fast if you dont catch it

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jane toscano

Posted at 8:25 AM on January 22, 2012  

all his lines on the show were scripted and overseen by Kris Jenner. Kris H. was just a prop on the show and told what to do and say just like all the other morons on the show. Scott D. also gets paid and his stuff is scripted too. He’s been made out the bad guy in the past. Also, the last show where Kim and Kris J. were talking about her marriage ending was also fake. They were already separated. Did you notice how the van they were riding in the windows were blacked out so you couldn’t see where these two phonies were really at. Kris H. regrets it now but this trash really rolled over on him he should have known better.

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Jane toscano

Posted at 8:16 AM on January 22, 2012  

He’s not the only one being booed. Fans were booing Kim Kartrashian, her greedy mother and Khloe (who’s my father?) at Lamar’s basketball game between the Clippers and Mavericks in Calif. You could tell the mother did not like being booed but everytime they came on the teletron people started booing. I wonder how they liked it? Since this trash is used to dumping and laughing about others that they have used as props on their fake TV show.

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Posted at 4:32 AM on January 22, 2012  

leave the guy alone, how old are you all 2; he is well rid of Kim as she is not the nice girl some people seem to think she is

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Posted at 6:59 PM on January 21, 2012  

You people need to get off his case!!

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Posted at 2:28 PM on January 20, 2012  

nini tholsted

you need to go to school and learn beacuse you are an idiot. Kris H. can not play basket-ball but nets signed him for $8,000,000.00. How much do you make a year? Kim saw a handsome guy and what’s wrong with laying aroung and resting?

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