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Baby Bonding: How The First 18 Months Can Shape Your Love Life

Tue, January 17, 2012 5:05pm EDT by Add first Comment
Baby Bonding Study

A new study says a baby’s relationship with his or her mother during the first 18 months affects behavior in future romances!

HollyMoms — a study reveals that bonding with your baby is SO important for his or her future romances, according to The Daily Mail! An ability to love, trust and handle arguments develops in the first 18 months of your baby’s life, and unsupported babies become defensive arguers!

“It is the first real attachement that people have with another person and because of that it serves as a template for what will happen later in their life span,” Professor Jeffry Simpson at the University of Minnesota said. “When children are young and their brains are developing they learn a great deal very rapidly, so they are more likely to take in a lot of information.”

He says that a secure bond is more likely to result in a satisfied, emotionally-stable relationship later on in life. “But there are also a number of intervening factors that can affect that and change the way you think about the world,” he added.

The study, which was published in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science, says an infant’s interpersonal experiences with its mother predicts behavior in romantic relationships 20 years later.

“Before you can remember, before you have language to describe it, and in ways you aren’t aware of, implicit attitudes get encoded into the mind about how you’ll be treated or how worthy you are of love and affection,” Jeffry said.

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