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Kris Humphries Never Stood A Chance Versus The Kardashian Family — So Obvious

Mon, January 16, 2012 12:55pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 27 Comments

Kim finally called a spade a spade in last night’s, Jan. 15th episode of ‘Kourtney & Kim Take New York.’ She told her sister Khloe that she was choosing her Kardashian family over her husband, Kris.

Future husbands of Kim Kardashian beware! You will NEVER hold a candle to Kim’s sisters and mother. After three weeks of increasing Kris-bashing on the show, Kim finally admitted a ton of what we all suspected.

She confessed to Khloe that “I’ve been so focused on my relationship with Kris that I let my relationships with my family slide and that’s not how I want to be,”she admitted contritely. “I let my own personal issues and relationship get in the way of my relationship with my family.”

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She blamed her focus on her marriage for her dogged refusal to apologize to Khloe for calling her an ” an evil ugly little ugly troll ” — though I couldn’t quite get the connection.

She also dumped on her marriage for turning her basically into a miserable b**ch, after Scott Disick confronted her about having an ongoing bad attitude.

“You’re pissed off at the world for no good reason,” Scott pointed out to Kim after she turned her back on Khloe who was desperate to hear an apology. “You used to be warmer than you are now. You’ve grown to be colder than you are now.”

Kim had clearly been humorless and ill-tempered with everyone including Kris ever since she returned from Dubai, where she had confessed to her mother that her marriage to Kris wasn’t all that she had hoped for.

Now she confessed to us and the cameras: “Scott’s right — I’ve been in a horrible mood ever since I got to New York. I feel so lost. I don’t know how I’ve gotten to this point.”

What she’s clearly trying to tell us is that she’s desperate to get the weight of Kris and her marriage off her back ASAP. She finally apologizes to Khloe for her nasty words.

“I’m so unhappy in my life and I’m taking it out on everyone. I don’t like who I am in this marriage. I don’t like who I am to him and I don’t like who I am to myself. In my gut and my heart is telling me that I did this too fast and I didn’t know what I was doing. I got caught up in the fairytale of it, I’m so embarrassed,” she admitted to Khloe.

To her credit, Khloe tries to caution Kim not to act too rashly. “Being in love and a marriage isn’t all rainbows and bunnies. You get annoyed with each other and want to kill each other all the time,” she tells Kim who looks completely unswayed.

We know already that Kris is a goner. That’s when Kim makes her family speech. She’s much more upset that she’s ignored her family than that she’s failed at creating a loving marriage.

Despite her saying that she’s “focused” too much on her relationship with Kris, we know she’s barely spent time with him. She went on a “sister’s weekend” without him, then left for almost a week in Dubai. Previous to that, Kris found living with Kourtney, Scott and Mason SO disruptive that he fled home to Minnesota.

She also had found plenty of time to hang with BFF Jonathan Cheban and not Kris.

Meanwhile, Kris isn’t Mr. Supersensitivity either, telling her he doesn’t want to get involved in her dispute with Khloe. Kim complains that “this is obviously weighing on me. I go to Kris and he totally dismisses it. I don’t have anyone to vent to or talk to,” she claims.

But really, Kim. This would be a no-win situation for Kris. If he stepped in and counseled you to keep standing up to Khloe who he “hates” and who “hates” him, you’d end up angry at some time with him over that. You’d accuse Kim of dividing your family.

Kris just seems completely confused by his increasingly cold wife. Who can blame him? #1) He’s a guy. #2) He went from a TV wedding to a TV reality show. #3) He married into a super-tight clan and had to live with them. #4) He’s a guy.

It’s so obvious that Kris is out of his depth and that Kim knows exactly where her loyalties lie — her sisters and family, and NO husband is going to come between them.

Sayanara Kris!

— Bonnie Fuller


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