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'Once Upon A Time' Recap: A Mysterious Stranger Arrives In Storybrooke

Sun, January 15, 2012 9:26pm EDT by Andy Swift 39 Comments
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Is Storybrooke no longer the one-way street we thought it was?

Ever wonder how the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) got her hands on the poisoned apple that took down Snow White? Apparently, she has Hansel and Gretel to thank for it! The Jan. 15 episode of Once Upon A Time revealed the back story of Storybrooke’s most adorable — and murderous — li’l orphans. And like most stories on this show, it was super messed up.

In order to get her hands on the apple, the queen enlisted the help of Hansel and Gretel — though “enlisted” might be too generous a word. She actually kidnapped their dad, then told them she’d help them find him if they journeyed into the house of the Blind Witch (played by the perfectly perfect Emma Caulfield.)

Though the witch was powerful, she was no match for the wonder twins, who managed to lock the visually challenged lunatic in her own oven. That’s when the queen stepped in with her crazy fire powers, and voila! Blind Witch Casserole.

Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Sheriff Emma (Jennifer Morrison) spent her first week on the job trying to track down the twins’ dad, with only a compass to guide her. And yes, I meant that both literally and metaphorically. She managed to find him, but when he told her he wanted nothing to do with them, Regina ordered her to drop them off at separate foster facilities in Boston. But since Emma can’t help but get way too close to the people she works with, she tricked their dad into meeting his kids — and he couldn’t possibly resist their cuteness.

Emma even found time for a little family drama of her own when she told Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) about Henry’s (Jared Gilmore) theory that they’re actually related. She thought it was crazy, but something ran through her mind when she stumbled across Emma’s baby blanket. She just doesn’t know what it is yet — which pretty much puts her on the same page (yeah, pun intended) as everyone else in town.

But even with all the witch-burning and paternity drama, the biggest shock of the entire episode came at the very end when Emma and Henry were greeted by a mysterious newcomer. That’s right, Storybrooke might no longer be the one-way street we all thought it was.

So who do you all think this new guy is? Could he be “special” like Emma? Considering how insane this show is, could he even be Henry’s father — not dead — with a new face following his brush with the fire? Hit the comments section with your best theories!

— Andy Swift

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