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Khloe Kardashian: Tell People Who Want You To Take a DNA Test To Back Off!

Fri, January 13, 2012 3:28pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 3 Comments

Khloe, apparently you don’t want to dignify the allegations made by your two stepmothers that you’re not Robert Kardashian’s biological daughter, and you’re right!

Khloe Kardashian, I totally believe that your two step-mothers —Jan Ashley and Ellen Kardashian — crossed the line when they told Star magazine that you weren’t your father Robert’s biological daughter.

That was a vindictive invasion of privacy. Vindictive because according to Star, bother women are not in good shape financially and YOU are! And the rest of your sisters ARE!

An invasion of privacy because your DNA is a completely personal matter. Your father Robert always loved you and accepted you as his daughter. If he chose to love you as a daughter, despite any rumors there may have been, then it’s not anybody else’s right to question his paternity or your DNA.

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Your dad isn’t here to be disgusted by this controversy, but I fully believe that he would be appalled that his “wives” chose to go public with their claims and to try and hurt you. There’s a good change that they were also paid for their allegations.

He would absolutely support your decision NOT to take a DNA test. You have nothing to prove. And his absolute priority, like any good father, would be to protect you — the daughter he loved!

— Bonnie Fuller

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