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How To Take Your Thin, Dull Hair & Make It Over Into A Beautiful Thick Mane

Thu, January 12, 2012 4:28pm EDT by 3 Comments

Ever wonder how celebs always manage to have a full head of long, thick and shiny hair? Read on and watch the video and get tips from NYC celebrity hairstylist Angelo David on how YOU can turn your thin strands into a mane that looks like it came straight out of your favorite hair commercial!

Do you have celebrity hair envy? A-list celebs always manage to look like they just walked out of their latest cover shoot. Don’t you agree?

So if you want to turn your everyday hair into Hollywood hair then see how celebrity hair stylist Angelo David at his NYC salon transformed Hollywoodlife reader Leilah Fuller‘s thin hair into a beautiful, thick mane.

Here are few things YOU can do to bring your hair back to life. If it worked for Leilah, it can work for you, too.

#1 Trim those ends!

Yes, we know you’ve been growing out your hair for MONTHS and the thought of the tiniest trim makes your heart skip a beat, but trust us, it’s absolutely a necessary step to take to achieve healthy hair. Your hair will look a hundred times better without those split ends. “The most important thing and that will allow to grow is to trim your split ends at a minimum of every 2 to 3 months,” Angelo says.

#2 Change Your Color Or Get The Ombre!

If your hair looks damaged and word out, chances are your color has something to do with it. For Leilah, Angelo darkened her hair giving it the optical illusion of being healthy again! ” What we did is we added depth and richness to the hair,” Angelo said.  “She needed a freshen up.” So go to your local salon and work a stylist, put a plan together on how to get your hair back to healthy.

For Leilah, Angelo did the Ombre, which is a good coloring solution for dried out hair. “Ombre” is a French term  for “shadow, deep and dark,” and describes the latest hair trend when your hair looks naturally dark at the roots and gradually becomes lighter at the ends. This new hairstyle is Hollywood’s hottest trend at the moment. A-list celebs like Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston and Whitney Port are famous for pioneering the look.

“It’s a gradient effect,” Angelo says. “It looks lived in, natural and your not committed to the salon as often,” which is great for not-so-healthy hair people AND your wallet! Plus, according to Angelo, this new trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon — it’s far from a fad. “It’s the most fashionable color statement right now,” he says. “It’s something that’s going to be around for awhile.”

#3  Treat Yourself To A Deep Conditioning Treatment !

After your hair is trimmed and colored, make sure to deep condition your hair at home on a regular basis.  Angelo suggests the following Pureology products:

   Pureology Antifade Complex Essential Repair Shampoo and Conditioner ($28 each) – for daily use

•    Pureology Essential Repair Hair Masque ($79) – use once a week  for treatment

   Pureology Essential Repair Split End Correcting Treatment ($25) – use after towel drying hair to protect against further split ends

Or if you visit Angelo’s salon in NYC you can purchase Angelo David Long and Strong Detangler!

#4  Splurge on Hair Extensions  (Optional)!

If you really want to go all-out to achieve the Hollywood look, then you could splurge on extensions which will quadruple your hair volume. Angelo David added his Couture Hair Extensions and Additions™ to Leilah’s hair in the video above. They’re barely noticeable and they give your hair the everyday oomph and volume you need to have red carpet-ready hair ALL the time. A lot of celebs who you might not think have hair extensions, actually do.

But even if you don’t want hair extensions, follow steps 1 through 3 to achieve a serious hair transformation.

Watch the video above to watch Leilah’s Hollywood transformation and to learn some awesome makeup tips from Tiffany Collado on how to achieve an everyday natural look!


— Nicole Karlis

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